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Magical Antique OST

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Catalog Number: KICA-5048
Released On: June 21, 2000
Composed By: Takahiro Yonemura, Shinya Ishikawa, Kazuhide Nakagami, Naoya Shimokawa
Arranged By: Takahiro Yonemura, Shinya Ishikawa, Kazuhide Nakagami, Naoya Shimokawa
Published By: F.I.X. Records
Recorded At: N/A
Format: 1 CD

01 - Magical Leaf
02 - Littlestone
03 - Pretty Daisy
04 - Precious Daisy
05 - Sunflower Hill
06 - Blue Lavender
07 - Gentle Breeze
08 - Your Riddle
09 - Minayuki Nagase to the Rescue
10 - Everyday is My Favorite Day
11 - Swing Wings
12 - I'm Working Now!
13 - Blue Sky Groove
14 - Tohoho
15 - Thunkathunk
16 - Deluded Heart
17 - Overwhelming Power
18 - Rising Rain
19 - Follow in Twilight
20 - A Room Without You
21 - End of the Dream
22 - Time Just for Us
23 - A Stroll (Piano Solo)
24 - A Stroll
Total Time:

When I heard Magical Antique for the first time, I fell in love with it. It had everything I wanted to hear: great chords, great instrumentation, catchy themes, and some variety. Most people would classify this OST as "cute," and I'd have to agree with them. But that better not stop you from listening to this OST, or you'll be sorry. I'm serious. If you love a little taste of variety every now and then, you owe it to yourself to pick this one up.

The album gets off to a good start with the vocal "Littlestone", and takes you on a magical journey filled with lots emotion and catchy melodies. Songs like "Precious Daisy" and "Gentle Breeze" are filled with happiness and mirth, while songs like "To the End of the Dream" and "Overwhelming Power" are filled with suspense and intensity, while still retaining the overall "happy" feel of the album. The album ends with yet another vocal track, "A Stroll," a track fit for a dynamic ending. By the end of this OST, if you like it, you'll probably want more.

If you want to try something new, then I highly recommend this album. Heck, I recommend this album to anyone if they're brave enough. Once you get into this OST, you won't get out. It's truly magical, and years from now, it'll be a much sought after antique. Grab it while you can.

Reviewed by: Mike Wilson


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