Memories Off Orgel Collection
Catalog Number: SCDC-00394
Released On: December 22, 2004
Composed By: Chiyomaru Shikura, Isoe Toshimichi, Kanji Saito, Kaoru Akidzuki, Masato Nakagawa, Ulala Takai, Jun Imai
Arranged By: Various
Published By: Scitron Discs
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD
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01 - MEMORIE I N G (Memories Off Image Song)
02 - Wings of Courage (OVA Memories Off Opening Theme Song)
03 - Near and Far (Ayaka Hizuki)
04 - Memory of a Rainy Day (Shion Futami)
05 - Dazzling (Kaoru Otawa)
06 - Thank you Boy ~ Profile of Summer (Koyomi Kirashima)
07 - When Will the Rain End? (Yue Imasaka)
08 - Because You Become a Star (Minamo Ibuki)
09 - Memories After the Rain (Memories Off Image Song) 10 - Gentle constellation (Memories Off OVA Ending Theme Song)
11 - The Weather Tomorrow... (Memories Off 2nd Opening Theme Song)
12 - Nocturne (OVA Memories Off 2nd Opening Theme Song)
13 - From This Distant Sky (Hotaru Shirakawa)
14 - Imitation (Shizuru Shirakawa)
15 - A Tear Trapped In Sand (Tomae Tobise)
16 - Cold Sun (South Swallow)
17 - Two Hearts (Maki / Nozomu Together)
18 - breath (Takano Suzuna)
19 - Prism (Kana Maikata)
20 - Orgel and Piano (Memories Off 2nd Ending Theme Song)
21 - Usual Place (OVA Memories Off 2nd Ending Theme Song)
22 - Replay Machine (Omoide ni kawaru kimi ~Memories Off~ Opening Theme Song)
23 - LONELY, LONELY, BUTTERFLY (Kanata Kurosu)
24 - BELIEVE (Mifu Kashima)
25 - The Rain's Truth (Nayuta Kitahara)
26 - Continue Towards the Future (Neo Kashima)
27 - Immoral Impulse (Omoide ni kawaru kimi ~Memories Off~ Insertion Song)
28 - Mirror of the moon (Isako Narumi)
29 - Tears for... (Tamaki Momose)
30 - Knocking on the wish (Hibiki Kodama)
31 - Giving birth to this star (Omoide ni kawaru kimi ~Memories Off~ Ending Theme Song)
32 - Dry words, Dry maker (OVA Memories Off 3.5 Opening Theme Song)
33 - Shining Star (OVA Memories Off 3.5 Ending Theme Song)
34 - Because I Still Remember You (Memories Off ~Sore Kara~ Opening Theme Song)
35 - Hitoshizu Square (Memories Off ~Sore Kara~ Ending Theme Song)
36 - A Wish For Rain (Memories Off ~Sore Kara~ Ending Theme Song)
37 - LOVE (Memories Off ~Sore Kara~ Ending Theme Song)
Total Time:

One of the first questions one may ask about Memories Off Orgel Collection is "what is an orgel?" I believe orgel is the German word for organ; but in the context of Japanese music, it refers to higher pitched percussive instruments such as a music box, or a xylophone. I could not peg the sonic signature of the songs, but my ears were saying things music box, with the upper register of an electric organ in the background.

The songs here are arrangements of songs from the first few Memories Off games and the OVA series. Once again, various vocal songs I may not have liked in their original form shine in instrumental arrangements. "MEMORIE I.N.G," and "With Orgel and Piano" are two examples of this; I greatly disliked the original vocal versions of those songs, but as instrumentals they shine. These two also sounded great on Memories Off: Piano Collection Volume 2. However, "For Tomorrow's Weather" had a rather lackluster orgel arrangement. The tempo was slowed down and it lacked the drama and punch in its original and Piano Collection arrangements. The other songs on the CD all sounded pretty, but unremarkable and nothing really stood out to me.

The songs are short, with the longest one clocking in at 2 minutes and 11 seconds. This actually works in the CD's favor because although this is a pretty sounding soundtrack, it's one I could only take in small doses. Listening to too much pretty sounding music can be tiresome. In addition, although there is a complex sonic texture to the orgel, all the songs have the exact same sonic signature and made the soundtrack as a whole sound somewhat monotonous. It does not help that almost all of the songs are in a very similar relaxed tempo, so the soundtrack gets rather boring. If this was a single CD soundtrack with ten or so tracks, it would have been more streamlined and in my opinion better. I feel two CDs of this is just too much orgel. Admittedly, the soundtrack does work as soothing, calming bedtime music to relax you to sleep.

This is another soundtrack that I would recommend to hard core Memories Off fans only. Like most Memories Off arranged soundtracks, this one has adorable, quirky, and unique qualities, but it's best appreciated by series fans who ardently collect Memories Off soundtracks.

Reviewed by: Neal Chandran


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