Sega Saturn Magic Knight Rayearth OST

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Catalog Number: POCX-1009
Released On: August 25, 1995
Composed By: Yayoi Wachi, Seiro Okamoto
Arranged By: Yayoi Wachi, Seiro Okamoto
Published By: Polygram
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

01 - Tokyo Tower
02 - The Chase
03 - Silent Forest
04 - Ferio the Hurricane
05 - A Monster Appears!
06 - Heartbeat
07 - Fantastic Eterna
08 - The Magic Curtains of Poreez
09 - Cave of Temptation
10 - A Strong Monster Appears!
11 - Taflon by the Sea
12 - Whirlpools Everywhere
13 - Cavern of Eternal Ice
14 - Sadness
15 - The Legendary Devil
16 - Mysterious Cefiro Lecture
17 - The Sparkling Ice of Rosen
18 - Dancing Girl
19 - Peace
20 - Special Lessons
21 - An Even Stronger Monster Appears!
22 - Rustling Forest
23 - A Sea of Trees by the Lake
24 - The Old Man's Rainbow Shop
25 - Sneaking Around
26 - The Floating Gardens of Earia
27 - Labyrinth in the Sky
28 - Dormant Volcano
29 - Zagato!
30 - Tragic
31 - Last Battle
32 - Towards the Future...
Total Time:

Clamp's classic manga and anime series, Magic Knight Rayearth, had two RPGs released in its wake. One was for Super Famicom, and the other was for Sega Saturn. The latter was released in the US by Working Designs, and it also had a Japanese soundtrack release. This review exists to consider the Saturn game's soundtrack.

Unlike most 32-bit soundtracks, which would include some live performances and vocal tracks for opening and ending FMV cutscenes, this OST is 100% synthesized by Wachi and Okamoto (names I do not at all recognize, for the record). There have been far better soundtracks made for the Saturn hardware, but I won't even bother faulting the composers on this point. My real problem lies with the monotony of the compositions.

Really, this soundtrack turned out to be a big letdown for me. I had sought after it for years, occasionally flirting with the idea of purchasing it for some overwhelming sum of money (as it is quite rare). Eventually, the market crashed and I was able to obtain the soundtrack under much more reasonable circumstances, and I hoped to indulge in what would be a decent listen. I had dabbled with the game itself and recalled myself enjoying some of the tunes...apparently I once had very low standards.

Even the best songs are only mildly enjoyable. I enjoyed track 26, and the end credits music wasn't that bad. The battle themes fell somewhere between "meh" and "bleh" on the scale of noises made to describe something's quality. Some of the slower songs had a glint of hope to them, that they might progress into something beautiful...but they never got there.

What's the bottom line? For this soundtrack, don't even bother.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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