Moonlight Destiny OST
Catalog Number: OST-6770
Released On: March 27, 2003
Composed By: Season Software Sound Team, Luoxiaoyin (01)
Arranged By: N/A
Published By: Falcom
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

01 - Love Relic
02 - Serenity
03 - Times of Joy
04 - Playfulness
05 - Deceiving Shadow
06 - Moonspring
07 - Mountains Longing for Rain
08 - Small Path (Drum Bell)
09 - Carry Through Springtime
10 - Having Fun / Jesting
11 - Nightmare
12 - Added Thought
13 - Returning at Sunset
14 - Apathy
15 - The Sky and the Mountains
16 - Autumn Night
17 - Mundane Thoughts
18 - Assassination
19 - Hiding
20 - Decisive Battle
21 - Joking Around
22 - Lost Memories
23 - Heavenly Buddha
24 - Violent Murder
25 - Raging Murder
26 - Bloody Battle
27 - Nemesis
Total Time:

In the last few years, we've seen Nihon Falcom (a Japanese company) publish a number of Chinese-developed RPGs and Action RPGs in the land of the rising sun. This particular title, Moonlight Destiny ("Tsukikage no Destiny"), was an Action RPG developed by "Season Software." The soundtrack features a standard and simple vocal introduction piece entitled "Love Relic", followed by 26 instrumental tracks from the game.

Weighing out the pros and cons of this soundtrack, I do believe the pros win. Here are some positive features to the soundtrack:

- There is consistency in style, though there is variety in tempo and musical genre.

- Sometimes I am fooled by the synth; I actually believe it is a live instrument I am hearing, even though I know that cannot be the case.

- The ethnic "Chinese" sound comes through very clearly on many songs, oftentimes in a way that we have not seen from the Japanese composers who attempt the Chinese sound (such as in Shenmue).

- When 27 tracks comprise a 73 minute disc, you know you're in for some enjoyable and lengthy songs.

Then, there are the few negatives that I managed to find:

- Some of the battle themes could have been better; I thought that many of them were bland and repetitive, lacking the creativity found in the other songs.

- A second disc of music would have been nice, but I suppose a star-studded one disc of music is better than two discs of filler tracks.

Well, that's actually it for the negatives. There is one more negative, but it's not a music problem. The problem is that, like many Falcom soundtracks these days, it was originally available only by purchasing the game. The CD is not for sale separately, though it can be found separately on Yahoo! Japan auctions and some message boards. I have become more and more fascinated by these fringe compositions from non-Japanese Asian composers (be they Chinese, Korean, what have you...). This album only solidified my interest. If you can find it, you may want to invest in it.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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