Mystic Ark Soundtrack

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Catalog Number: KTCR-1326/7
Released On: July 26, 1995
Composed By: Akihiko Mori
Arranged By: Akihiko Mori
Published By: Kitty Records
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 2 CDs

Disc One
Arrange Version
01 - Now, on to Adventure!!
02 - A Composer's Day Off Always Passes Calmly
03 - Chikaza, the Mother of God
04 - Your Eyes are Beautiful While You Fight
05 - Water is the Source of All Life
06 - Shall We Dance?
Game Original Sound Version
07 - Mystic Ark
08 - Chikaza, the Mother of God
09 - First Step to the Adventure
10 - Now, on to Adventure!!
11 - Theme of Bloodhook
12 - Theme of Ganbos
13 - Deep Inside the Darkness
14 - Climb! Climb!
15 - At the End of the Labyrinth
16 - Another Fiend of the Dark is Here
17 - "Victory!"
18 - I'm Gaining Strength. I'll Take you on!
19 - "Haven't I Gotten Better?"
20 - Swaying on the Waves...zzz
21 - A Composer's Day Off Always Passes Calmly
22 - Downtown
23 - Where is this Place? I am the Forest!
24 - "Muhuhu"
25 - "How Could It Be!"
26 - "We Did It"
27 - Hey, We're Fighting!
Total Time:

Disc Two
Game Original Sound Version
01 - Nomadic People
02 - Alone
03 - House of Shivers
04 - What Did We See There!?
05 - Water is the Source of All Life
06 - There, Right Behind You, Too...
07 - The Ones That Await Us Deep Inside the Cave are not Easy to Deal With
08 - When You're Off, Get Some Sun Outside
09 - "Mu...Munen..."
10 - "What Have I Been Doing..."
11 - The String of Memories
12 - Shall We Dance?
13 - What's Left is a Music Box
14 - This Town Without You Now Gives Me Nothing
15 - Pathetique
16 - The Boy's Summer
17 - Story From the Land of Fairy Tales
18 - Not Asking for Me?
19 - Zenryaku, How are You? Not Much Has Changed With My Days.
20 - Techno House
21 - Time for the Fight
22 - "!!!"
23 - "There you are, Monsters!"
24 - This Place Will Be Your Grave
25 - Before Dawn the Town of Nanaka is Attacked by Terror!
26 - Your Eyes are Beautiful While You Fight
27 - The Truth Hidden in the Temple
28 - You're the Darkness Itself
29 - Reunion
30 - Birth
Total Time:

Akihiko Mori's score for the Super Famicom RPG Mystic Ark (a spiritual sequel to Elnard, a.k.a. "The 7th Saga") matches the strange grandeur of the game and its concept art. Can something be simultaneously quirky and epic? The Mystic Ark soundtrack proves that, yes, it can be done.

Many import RPG Fans have praised Mystic Ark for being one of the strangest, most artistic games for the console. And Mori's score matches this artistic world step for step. Even the track titles, lengthy though they may be, reflect the peculiar nature of this game's setting. Whether listening to the first few tracks of disc one (which are arranged), or their OST counterparts, or even the little six-second jingles, the soundscape, synth usage, and composition are all perfectly suited for the game.

Good music on this album? "Water is the Source of All Life" is a mid-tempo enigmatic piece. There are some great battle themes, such as "Your Eyes Are Beautiful While You Fight." And then there are fun, upbeat songs such as "Story From the Land of Fairy Tales." This OST has nearly everything.

The arranged section is a little lacking, however. More real instrumentation, and perhaps some vocal arrangements, would have suited this game well. I suppose Mori-san wanted to keep the emphasis of the album on the OST, which I suppose is legitimate. After all, the Super Famicom chiptunes are some of the best in the history of VGM. Why not make the most of it?

If you want to experience some VGM that's just, in nearly every way, different from the norm, this is the album to get. And what would stop you? Well, the album's availability, for starters. "Kitty Records" prints aren't exactly easy finds these days. But to the serious collectors, I wish you luck. This is a fine album; I know some aficionados who claim this as the best soundtrack of the 16-bit era. And while I don't agree with them, I can see what would lead someone to such a conclusion.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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