Persona 2: Eternal Punishment OST
Catalog Number: KICA-5049/50
Released On: July 26, 2000
Composed By: Masaki Kurokawa
Arranged By: Masaki Kurokawa
Published By: King Records
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 2 CDs
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Disc One
01 - Opening Theme
02 - Maya Theme II
03 - Seven Sisters High School
04 - Map I
05 - Parabellum II
06 - Time Castle
07 - Katatsumuri Mountain
08 - Morimoto Hospital
09 - Enigma
10 - Boss Battle Theme
11 - Sumaru Genie
12 - Compatibility Readings
13 - Time Count
14 - Normal Day
15 - Red Lantern Shirashi
16 - Satomi Hadashi Pharmacy -Hirasaka Store-
17 - Parabellum
18 - Club Zodiac
19 - Peace Diner
20 - Tony's Shop
21 - Aoba Park
22 - Penthouse
23 - Le Clair de Lune
24 - Ebony
25 - Control Center
26 - Science Lab
27 - Bikini Line
28 - Tominiga Chiropractic
29 - BGM I
30 - Sumaru TV -Reverse-
31 - BGM II
32 - Hiragi Psychotherapy
33 - Kaori
34 - Giga Macho
35 - Kasugayama High School
36 - Velvet Room -Nanashi Arrange-
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Battle
02 - BGM III
03 - Padparacha
04 - Sumaru TV
05 - Mu Continent
06 - Etheria
07 - Smile Hirasaka
08 - Baofu
09 - Abandoned Factory
10 - Satomi Tadashi Pharmacy -Yumesaki Store-
11 - Jolly Roger
12 - Nichirinmaru
13 - Illusions
14 - Undersea Ruins
15 - Reminiscence -Beloved-
16 - Underground Subway
17 - East Asian Defense
18 - Nekomata
19 - Amenotrihune
20 - Map II
21 - Sumaru Castle
22 - Bad Trouble
23 - Map III
24 - Monado Mandara
25 - Reminiscence
26 - Final Battle
27 - Others -Mix I-
28 - Others -Mix II-
29 - Others -Mix III-
30 - Others -Mix IV-
31 - Persona Mambo
32 - Persona Rock
Total Time:

Persona Revelations and Eternal Punishment are so far the only 2 games under the Shin Megami Tensei series that have been released in English (excluding cousin-like Gameboy games such as DemiKids and Revelations: The Demon Slayer). This is also the first time I've ever heard of Masaki Kurokawa. But whoever he is, he has done a great job on this soundtrack.

This soundtrack comprises mainly of techno and dance tracks and that's why I really like it. However, the theme song of the game "Change Your Way" (vocal song played at the ending) was not added into this CD. I wonder why they didn't add it. I was also quite disappointed that the original last boss battle music was added into a mixed track. It only lasted for a very short while... Track 26 of disc 2 is the remixed version of the last boss music. I prefered the original one because it sounded less mechanical.

Nevertheless, there was an addition of 2 extra tracks that I didn't hear in the game - Persona Mambo and Persona Rock, which are both vocal songs. Persona Mambo sounded cute but it was in Japanese, so I couldn't understand. The Persona Rock music was nice but the vocalist's English was so broken that it spoiled the entire song in a hilarious way.

There are many good tracks I can pick out from these two CDs. I personally enjoyed the opening theme, which had a mixture of techno and opera music. I also liked the battle and boss battle music, as they were fast-paced. Here are other tracks worth listening to: "Club Zodiac" - This music is cool. It is slow moving but there's a nice beat to it. "Aoba Park", "Sumaru TV", "Abandoned Factory", "Amenotrihune" and "Monado Mandara", "Velvet Room" are all great tracks. "Map I & II" and "BGM II" are remixes of "Change Your Way". And last but not least my favorite - the music from the Satomi Tadashi Pharmacy, this tune is so catchy!

The only song I really hated alot was track 14 from disc 2, "Undersea Ruins", because it reminds me of that horrible dungeon (those of you who have played the game will know what I am talking about).

Overall, this is a great soundtrack and worth buying.

Reviewed by: Agrias


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