Poison Pink Complete Soundtrack

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Catalog Number: FCCT-0071
Released On: March 26, 2008
Composed By: Takashi Okamoto, Yuki Nakagawa, Kazuma Katagiri, Yuichiro Sato, Yuta Okamoto, Junko Kuzumaki
Arranged By: Takashi Okamoto
Published By: Frontier Works
Recorded At: CONTINUUM -musicians atelier-
Format: 3 CDs
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Disc One
01 - Trailer
02 - Theme of Renarshe
03 - Theme of POISON PINK
04 - Liber vesper
05 - Besec the Hell Prison
06 - Declaration
07 - Mixture
08 - Theme of Thazi
09 - Evening
10 - Theme of St. Balde
11 - I Wonder If Silence Floats On Water?
12 - Dark in the Light
13 - Threat
14 - Collapse
15 - Knights of St. Baldamian
16 - Rain of Doubt
17 - Area
18 - King of Balde
19 - Sorrowful (for Violin & Piano)
20 - Theme of Harshu
21 - Another......
22 - Armor
23 - Theme of St. Balde adagio
24 - 7
25 - Sorrowful (for Chamber)
26 - He Who Knows the Truth
27 - Snow of Grief
28 - Comrades
29 - Testimony of the Head Knight
30 - Mercenaries
31 - Theme of Rondemion
32 - Confession
33 - Sorrowful (for Soprano & Piano)
34 - Liber aurora
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Besec flow
02 - Encount
03 - Confront the hesitation
04 - To the edge
05 - Confronting the Memories
06 - Hostility
07 - Door
08 - Liber
09 - Regeena
10 - Phosa
11 - Gergus
12 - OverKill
13 - LevelUp
14 - Lumen
15 - Defeat
16 - Tenebrae
17 - Victory
18 - Ordeal Emerging from the Door
19 - Earth Fall
20 - Shapeshifter
21 - Super Spreader
22 - sister of Troy
23 - Ignis
24 - Breakers
25 - HardHit
26 - Set Free
27 - Reproduction
28 - Izat
Total Time:

Disc Three
01 - Re-Structure
02 - Equal-to-apostles
03 - La traviata
04 - Camelia
05 - Many Nights' Sleep Sense House
06 - Uhh The Shop
07 - Corna
08 - "I Like Seaweed!"
09 - "Requesting the Sad Song"
10 - "Funky!"
11 - "Decide Calm and Cool"
12 - Little Lisbon
13 - "A Heart Full of Cuckoo"
14 - Perfect Perfume
15 - Trailer ver.0
16 - Re-Structure Remix
Total Time:

Awesome. Pure awesome.

Takashi Okamoto has proven himself time and again with his work over at Flight-Plan. This time, Okamoto works with a number of other musicians to put out live, instrumental (and a few vocal) recordings for about 40% of the album (with the rest being synthesized). If there's one thing we can say about Poison Pink, it's that it has style. The concept art is fantastic, and so is the music.

You may ask: "what style?" At this point, we can actually get specific. Classical music on one track, rock on the next, and then jazz. Sometimes the genres blend on certain songs, but they are, for the most part, distinct. Certain songs are arranged for string quartet, piano solo, or the miscellaneous category "chamber music." Many jazz songs appear on disc three, with flute being the lead instrument on almost all of those songs. Some of the "rock" tracks exist with electric guitar in the lead and a standard band setup in the background; other tracks take on an industrial/techno style. There's plenty to love here.

The best thing about Okamoto's work on this soundtrack (as well as others) is that the soundtrack doesn't get old. Every song sounds fresh; it's great to listen to on repeat. Every song is strong, rich, and bright; it's clear that much time and effort was put into the production and mixing of each and every track.

"Re-Structure" is the vocal theme song for Poison Pink, and though the original recording is good, I find myself drawn to the remix (the final track of the album). Okamoto knows how to make music even more interesting, that's for sure.

I am happy to find that Okamoto has set a standard for himself, and we can now say that he has set a tradition in excellence. Let us hope that Flight-Plan will continue to develop excellent games to match Okamoto's excellent music. As to whether or not Okamoto's next project will include great music, I have no doubts: the answer is yes. Here's to whatever comes next for Takashi Okamoto!

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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