PopoloCrois ~Tsuki no Okite no Bouken~ OST

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Catalog Number: BVCR-17031
Released On: April 21, 2004
Composed By: Tetsuo Ishikawa, Yoshiyuki Sahashi, Yoshifumi Iio, LOCAL BUS (46)
Arranged By: Tetsuo Ishikawa, Yoshiyuki Sahashi, Yoshifumi Iio, LOCAL BUS (46)
Published By: BMG Funhouse
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD
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01 - Castle of the Ocean Sprites
02 - An Exciting Life
03 - Memories of Mother
04 - A Peaceful Place
05 - Intrigue
06 - To the Sea
07 - Loneliness
08 - Attack
09 - Tension
10 - Great Evil King of the Wind, the Clouds, and the Black Tide
11 - Self-destruct Mechanisms are Man's Romance
12 - Legend
13 - Opened Path
14 - Delvoi
15 - Flight of the Lemnus
16 - Law of the Sprites
17 - Sorrow
18 - Rescinding of the Law of the Moon
19 - Mother and Child
20 - Dilemma
21 - Resurrection
22 - Zephys, Queen of the Dark Sprites
23 - Reinstatement of the Law of the Moon
24 - Madness
25 - Sacrifice
26 - The Successor
27 - Quiet Sea
28 - PopoloCrois Field
29 - Battle & Battle I
30 - Voyage
31 - Life On Board
32 - The Nighttime Sea
33 - Turtle Base
34 - Contracted Land
35 - Croconesia Village
36 - Croconesia Field
37 - Croconesia Field - Deepest Area
38 - Cave of Ordeals
39 - Battle & Battle II
40 - Floating Island
41 - Harpiel's Nest
42 - Island of Petrification
43 - Confrontation
44 - Struggle to the Death
45 - Final Battle
46 - Cherry Blossom Hill
Total Time:

Excluding the PSP port (read: butchering) of the early titles in the series, this PlayStation 2 RPG is the latest (and last?) title in the Popolocrois series. The game's subtitle translates roughly to "Adventure of the Law of the Moon." Its soundtrack is composed by the same team that worked on the other games in the series. Does the jump from 32-bit to 128-bit offer an improvement to sound quality? You betcha! And did the sound team take advantage of those prospective improvements?

For the most part, yes. Unfortunately, despite the boost in synth quality, the composition doesn't match the uniqueness of its predecessors.

This album, nearly 50 tracks long, is a hodge-podge mixture of all sorts of niche genres/styles of music: lots of silly polka-esque stuff included. The few tracks I found myself enjoying most were the calm pieces of music. There wasn't a single battle theme I could force myself to get into.

But of the good stuff I found, I really really liked what it was I had found. Tracks like "Law of the Sprites" or "Mother and Child" are in a league of their own.

Having now listened to all the Popo-soundtracks out there, I have to say, this whole series is a great candidate for one "best of" disc, maybe including some arranged tracks. No one OST is excellent, but there is some great music on all of them (this particular OST less than the others in terms of quantity). Collecting all the music in this series would be the task of only a die-hard collector, and frankly, if you're interested in this franchise, I'd start by collecting Manga and artbooks before the music.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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