Primordia Soundtrack
Catalog Number: N/A
Released On: December 5, 2012
Composed By: Nathaniel Chambers
Arranged By: N/A
Published By: Wadjet Eye Games
Recorded at: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

01 - Primordia
02 - Welcome To Metropol
03 - Greetings
04 - Horatio Nullbuilt
05 - Crash
06 - The City Of Glass And Light
07 - Forfeit Enemy Plunder
08 - Shells
09 - Conduit
10 - Salvaging
11 - Junkyard
12 - Problem Solving
13 - Regeneration
14 - Waiting
15 - Arbiter
16 - Unniic
17 - Charity
18 - Dreams Of Green
19 - Scraper
20 - The Dunes
21 - Clarity
22 - Faith In Fission
23 - Factotum
24 - The Gospel Of Man
25 - Memento
26 - Primitive Robot
27 - Goliath
28 - To The Tower
29 - Defragmented
30 - Get To The Heart Of It All
31 - Metromind
32 - Ticket
33 - Horus
34 - Train
35 - Dreams Of Green (Clean)
36 - The Road Home
37 - Cycles
38 - Horatio Nullbuilt (Original Demo)
39 - I Always Wanted To Be Able To Fly
40 - Still Here (Bonus Track)
41 - City Wanderer (Bonus Track)
42 - Trailer 1
43 - Trailer 2
Total Time:

Every instrument has its calling, and the synthesizer was made to illuminate the alienation of the computer age. The soul-tugging, heart-drowning, breath-arresting sounds championed by artists like Vangelis can't be reproduced with strings, pianos, and flutes. Those are more organic instruments, and our new alienation is anything but natural. The Primordia soundtrack, while not wholly original, is a love letter to the synthesizer and a meditation on loneliness.

The mature opener, "Primordia," sets the tone for the entire album, touching on three themes: melancholy, mystery, and the suggestion of the existential. The music seems to send out eerie synth tendrils that plumb the depths of human existence, which mirrors the effect of the game. Indeed, all three of these themes permeate the game as much as they do its music, making the two perfect companions. The soundtrack, however, has one advantage over its parent game: no sidekicks.

Almost every track is worth hearing here, and there are few I routinely skip when using the soundtrack as background music. "Horatio Nullbuilt" combines mystery with the deep sadness brought about by living in a broken world. Horatio is truly alone against tomorrow. "The City of Light and Glass" is one of the most atmospheric tracks, and one can just imagine a metropolis overrun with wayworn, aimless robots. Those gentle to boisterous wavering synth buzzsaws make an appearance in quite a few tracks, like "Conduit," which has a sort of classic sound. "Unniic" moves me. "The Dunes" perfectly distills into a brief song the plight of the lone wanderer, and "Clarity" has a smooth, more traditional synth sound that is nonetheless soothing. "The Gospel of Man" is a beautiful and reverent robot hymn.

These are among the best, but "To the Tower," "Ticket," "Train," and many others also make a strong impression on the ear and mind. There are various bonus tracks as well as two original vocal tracks. "Cycles" is a rather innocuous end credits type of song, while "Dreams of Green" evokes the heartbreak of the apocalypse. In art, we often see the wild, savage side of the end of the world while ignoring the malaise it would cause. The tortured vocals and audio filters make "Dreams of Green" a touching piece. There's also a clean version for the sake of completion.

Some of the tracks, like "Forfeit Enemy Plunder," are noisy and abrasive. Usually appropriate for the in-game events they accompany, these tracks aren't necessarily pleasant to hear. Others are too monotone and subdued to be memorable, including "Crash" and "Shells." Generally, the middle of the album is the strongest and the ending probably the weakest, as the tracks begin to resemble one another too much.

When the Bladerunner Blues strike, you don't want to be caught without music, and the Primordia soundtrack is the perfect two and a half hour potion. To enhance a mood, set an atmosphere, or improve focus, this soundtrack does wonders. Although not brimful of originality, Primordia's music arouses genuine emotion, and Nathaniel Chambers should be lauded for his accomplishments.

Reviewed by: Kyle E. Miller


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