Professor Layton and the Curious Village OST
Catalog Number: PKCF-1007
Released On: December 24, 2008
Composed By: Tomohito Nishiura
Arranged By: Norihito Sumitomo
Published By: Frame
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD
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Original Version
01 - Professor Layton's Theme
02 - The Curious Village
03 - The Adventure Begins
04 - About Town
05 - Puzzles
06 - Reinhold Manor
07 - The Plot Thickens!
08 - Gant's Bar
09 - The Mysterious Girl
10 - Gloomy Basement
11 - Ferris Wheel Park
12 - Pursuit in the Night
13 - The Veil of Night
14 - Don Paolo's Theme
15 - The Village Awakens
16 - The Looming Tower
17 - Memories of St. Mystere
18 - The Girl Departs
19 - End Theme
Live Version
20 - Professor Layton's Theme
21 - The Veil of Night
22 - The Looming Tower
23 - End Theme
High Quality Version
24 - About Town
25 - Reinhold Manor
26 - The Village Awakens
Total Time:

I love the accordion and related instruments. If there ever existed a soundtrack that would subdue my love for such an enigmatic sound, however, it would be Professor Layton and the Curious Village. This is not to say that it is a poorly composed soundtrack, only that it is a simple and incredibly repetitive one. Despite that, the soundtrack presents a unique, charming, and appropriate backdrop for Professor Layton's adventures.

Most of the selections on the soundtrack are a combination of accordion, bells and simple percussion, and strings, without great variation in melody within or between them. Fortunately, this repertoire of sounds gives the soundtrack some value. The sounds are appropriate in-game as a backdrop to the Curious Village of St. Mystere and the quirky events that transpire there. It is also unlike most everything else heard in video games. Outside of the game, however, most listeners might grow weary after only a few minutes.

The best track on the OST is undoubtedly "Professor Layton's Theme," with its bouncy piano. It provides the most variation in sound and the least repetition of all the songs. Other tracks, including "About Town" and "Puzzles" are more relaxed, but do not wildly depart from the formula. More bells and other soft instruments are used in "The Mysterious Girl" and "Memories of St. Mystere," but these too sound alike. Other tracks are accordion-heavy without much variety, such as "Gant's Bar" and "Ferris Wheel Park." The soundtrack finishes nicely with several remixes, which offer a more full and complex sound.

Overall, the soundtrack is simply too repetitive to be considered anything fantastic. It may provide charm and atmosphere during the game, but outside of that, there is little reason to listen to more than a few select tracks. Even accordion lovers will struggle to get through the entire soundtrack. The remixes are worth hearing, however, and they make one wonder why more was not done to the rest of the music.

Reviewed by: Kyle Miller


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