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QuoVadis Sound File

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Catalog Number: WPC6-8283
Released On: April 10, 1997
Composed By: G.S.T. (Hideki Yamamoto), Makahiko Araki (16, 25)
Arranged By: G.S.T. (Hideki Yamamoto), Makahiko Araki (25)
Published By: Warner Music Japan
Recorded At: Glams Studio
Format: 1 CD

01 - Ovan Rei's Theme (QuoVadis 3rd Symphony) - QuoVadis 2 ~Planet Assault Ovan Rei~ Main Theme
02 - Inauguration Ceremony
QuoVadis 5th Symphony
03 - 1st Movement: Mercenary
04 - 2nd Movement: Red Scorpion
05 - 3rd Movement: Armored Soldier Assault
06 - 8 Planet Alliance
QuoVadis 6th Symphony
07 - 1st Movement: Ambush
08 - 2nd Movement: The Beginning
09 - 3rd Movement: A Cry For Blood
QuoVadis 9th Symphony
10 - 1st Movement: Enemy Camp
11 - 2nd Movement: Scorched Earth
12 - 3rd Movement: Surrender
13 - Hilda's Tears
14 - Requiem (Comrade)
15 - yO-Yo
16 - Shall I Cry Softly In the Night? (Instrumental)
17 - I don't hear you.
QuoVadis Iverkurtz Suite
18 - Holy War QuoVadis ~Iverkurtz War~ Main Theme
19 - Oh Lord. Please Show Us the Way
20 - At the Verge of Death
21 - A Prayer, Beatrice
22 - Messenger of Darkness
23 - Sound of an Imminent Peace
24 - Going Beyond the Sadness...
25 - Shall I Cry Softly In the Night? (Game Version)
Total Time:

Warner Music Japan printed a soundtrack for QuoVadis that was completely different from the MEM Records print in 1996. "Quo Vadis: Iverkurtz War" was released for PlayStation in 1997, and this is the soundtrack for that game, as well as (apparently) some music from the Sega Saturn sequel. It's got different songs from a different set of composers. That's about all the information I was able to dig up about the origins of this soundtrack. On to the review.

The music itself? Well, it's pretty good altogether. Certain sections of the album are definitely better than other sections. For example, the "5th" and "6th" symphony sections are a bunch of militaristic marches and battle themes, and I wasn't impressed with them. However, songs like "Ovan Rei" (the opening track), "Hilda's Tears," as well as the vocal ending theme, were definite 'winners' in my book.

The majority of the album takes the "military music" feel to the extreme, with lots of traditional Western percussion keeping time for a brass-centric orchestra. However, there are some obligatory rock-guitar tracks scattered throughout, like a seasoning, to keep the album from dulling the ears of "modern" listeners.

I have little else to say about this album. It's a rarity, but few gamers actually know about "QuoVadis," which was definitely an underrated game for its time. If this soundtrack review catches your attention, perhaps it's time you look into importing, not just the soundtrack, but the game as well.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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