Garakuta Masterpiece Theater Rakugaki Oukoku

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Catalog Number: ZTTL-0057
Released On: May 9, 2002
Composed By: Zuntata
Arranged By: N/A
Published By: Zuntata Records
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 2 CDs

Disc One
01 - The Figure of Health ~ Ora il vento é passato correndo
02 - The Wind Runs Across the Earth ~ Ora il vento e passato correndo
03 - Call from Distant Times ~ La sveglia dal sonno delle migliaia di anni
04 - The Sea ~ Il mare
05 - The City at the Ends of the World ~ La citté delle estremité del mondo
06 - Critical Situation ~ La situazione malta teso e rischiosa
07 - A Game! ~ Una partita
08 - Denka! ~ Il caporione dei monello, si chiama "Denka"
09 - Festival of Blood ~ Uccidere il nemico
10 - Mono's Heart ~ Il monologa
11 - The Number One Joy ~ La gioia emozionante
12 - The Field of Flowers Blooms ~ Il campo dei tiori
13 - Coersion ~ La pressioni autoratarie delle torze armate
14 - It's True Nature ~ La sua vera natura
15 - The Royal Arena ~ L'arena reale
16 - The Uncontrollable People Il popolo incontollabile
17 - Final Battle -The Achromatism- ~ L'acromatismo
18 - Color of the Heart ~ Colore di cuore
19 - Color of the Heart (Guitar Solo) ~ Colore di cuore (esecuzione per una chitarra sola)
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Fields Floating in the Sky
02 - Junk Market
03 - Doodle Notebook
04 - Hibana Laughing
05 - Happening!
06 - Beside Taro
07 - An Impossible Desire
08 - Mono's Birthplace
09 - The Junk Market Doesn't Have Color
10 - The Doodle Is Your Friend
11 - Victory!
12 - A Perfect Victory!!
13 - A Disappointment...
14 - Full of Color
15 - Junk Market (Acoustic Version)
16 - Doodle Notebook (Acoustic Version)
17 - The Junk Market Doesn't Have Color (Theremin Version)
18 - Let's Go Back to Myself
Total Time:

While browsing the net for information on "Zoids Infinity Arcade Sound Tracks The Boy" by ZUNTATA I came across their homepage over at taito.co.jp. Looking through the CD list there I discovered an RPG Soundtrack. I hadn't been aware ZUNTATA - best known for their strange yet addictive shoot-em-up OSTs - has contributed music to an RPG. The sound-examples were impressive, and even better, the CD was still available from cdjapan, so I ordered it right away. Now, I know next to nothing about this game-but even so, I like the music very very much! This double CD set comes with a magic-color pencil, and the spine-card is on the right side, as not to cover the pencil. The booklet is made from special paper, which together with the water-painting-style radiates high-quality.

Now for the music. The first CD covers styles from mexican / yucatan to spanish mediterranean and some jazz, there are two excellent songs and best of all, it's almost all done with real live instruments. All the tracks on disc one have a spanish name, and if this reminds you of Genso Suikoden Orrizonte - the music does, too (sometimes it's even slightly better). The catchy opening song is ultra-happy-marching style, but don't let that distract you. Things calm down in track two, with some Mexican/Spanish music. Most of the tunes don't really have instantly memorable melodies, but almost all of them are uplifting and make you feel better after stressful day - probably. A good example for the fine arrangements is "Il mare" with guitar and accordion playing along. Unfortunately there are also some more dramatic tracks, which feature mostly drums and some synth sounds, and they are best regarded as filler tracks and skipped. "Il monologo" is a beautiful synth piece, reminding me a lttle of Mitsuda's better works. "Il campo dei fiori" is very Mario-Sunshine-y, while "Il populo incontrollabile" with it's strings-arrangement sounds like Joe Hisaishi's movie soundtracks. Concluding this CD is a nice choir-piece and "Colore di cuore" a well sung, quiet song with guitar.

All of the PS2-synth-only songs are found on disc two. Most are simple arrangements at first glance, but catchy nontheless. High quality samples are used to replace real instruments, and some typical RPG-clichés are served: Asiatic, Western, and Mediterranean again. The last four tracks again feature real instruments: one wacky live performance (track 15), a medieval style piece played with bombarde (track 16), a nice laid back pop-song (track 18), and one piece featuring a real Theremin Vox, something unfortunately not heard very often. (in fact, I originally bought the soundtrack only because of this track, also it's not the best).

So if you enjoyed "Orrizonte" or the Zelda-tracks on M&ZBBL, or if you like more happy music in general, or if you like arrange CDs, or if you like any of the above mentioned styles, you will probably like this CD. Despite its shortcomings (some filler tracks) it is already one of my favourite RPG-soundtracks.

Reviewed by: Alexander P.


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