Red Stone OST

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Catalog Number: KDSD-00182
Released On: January 30, 2008
Composed By: L&K Logic Korea, Tae-Hyoung Seo
Arranged By: Motoi Sakuraba (17)
Published By: Team Entertainment
Recorded At: Memory-Tech
Format: 1 CD
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Main track
01 - -Title- Legend of Red Stone
02 - -Brunenstig- Old City Brunenstig
03 - -Grassland- Echo of Wind
04 - -Cave- Impression of Adventure
05 - -Mountain Village- My Sweety Home
06 - -Mountain- Teeth of the Earth
07 - -Dungeon- Cold Spirits
08 - -Mine- Dark Stream
09 - -Liberation Team- Sorrow of Pure White
10 - -Desert- Yellow Sand, Oasis, and Life
11 - -Desert Village- Cactus
12 - -Ruined City- Scar of Brick
13 - -Savanna- Beat of Root
14 - -Tower- Dancing Gear
15 - -Small Town- Incongruity
16 - -Temple- Rose Window
Bonus track
17 - -Legend of Red Stone- Arranged by Motoi Sakuraba
18 - -Little Choice- ~Red Stone Image Song~ (Japanese Version)
19 - -Little Choice- ~Red Stone Image Song~ (Korean Version)
Total Time:

The soundtrack to the Korean MMORPG "Red Stone," featuring one arranged track from Motoi Sakuraba, packs in almost 80 minutes of music on one disc. Across the 16 "main" tracks on the OST are songs that help paint pictures of various parts of a fantasy world. Like many MMORPG scores, it's important to have a diversity in the soundscape. Such is the case with Red Stone.

However, even though there's plenty of substance here, I am tempted to label the soundtrack as "generic." The production value is definitely high, but the compositions themselves are, sometimes, rather boring. I enjoy the lighthearted town themes, but some of the dungeon themes equate to atmospheric noise rather than actual music. As standalone compositions, they are weak.

Sakuraba's arranged track is a nice addition, though I would've liked for him to pick some other tracks to arrange as well, particularly track 9 (which is a battle theme).

The Image Song for Red Stone appears once in Japanese, and once in Korean. Both performances are adequate, though I do prefer the "original" work of the native Korean vocalist.

All in all, it's another MMO soundtrack, and it's not that great. But the art on the packaging is cool, and if you're a super-duper Sakuraba collector, that one track might be enough to win you over. As for me, I'd rather not have it cluttering my collection.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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