Riglord Saga 2 OST

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Catalog Number: TKCA-71080
Released On: December 21, 1996
Composed By: Yasufumi Fukuda
Arranged By: Yasufumi Fukuda, Tadashi Ohtsubo, Yasutsuna Sasaki
Published By: Tokuma Japan Communications
Recorded At: Sega Digital Studio, Powerhouse Studio, Keystone Studio
Format: 2 CDs

Disc One
01 - Opening
02 - Meeting of the 7 Members' Theme
03 - Now...Something's Happening
04 - Voyage by Sail
05 - Yamatai
06 - Town/Yamatai
07 - Peaceful Castle
08 - Battle of the Knights
09 - A Deep Labyrinth
10 - Place of Mystery
11 - Nazna
12 - Valley of the Wind
13 - Bar
14 - Now...Something's Happening 2
15 - Boss
16 - Kadarl
17 - Town/Kadarl
18 - Battle Theme/Kadarl
19 - Evidence of a Tragedy
20 - An Ancient Mystery
21 - Ixis
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Riglord
02 - Town/Riglord
03 - Pub
04 - Arena
05 - Battle Theme/Riglord
06 - Forest Battleground
07 - Samosa Island
08 - Cry of the Earth
09 - Galzard & Ragnos
10 - Kakaru Clan
11 - Meeting of the 7 Members
12 - Magic Sphere
13 - Final, Decisive Battle
14 - Magic Sphere Collapse
15 - Overcoming Sadness...
16 - Ending ~Main Theme~
17 - Staff Roll
Total Time:

Riglord Saga's lesser-known sequel came one year after the original, on the same console (Sega Saturn). But this time around, the game's music was put together by a different group of people. And, I hate to say it, but I wish the original composer had stayed around.

Like nearly any Saturn game, the sound quality is excellent. However, the compositions are either dull or annoying, depending on tempo and instrumentation. Disc one is especially poor; I struggled to find music that I would consider worth listening to outside the context of the game.

Disc two was a lot better, thankfully. All of the themes composed for Riglord (town, area, and battle themes) are top notch. There are a lot of battle themes on disc two, as a matter of fact, and they're all decent. The game's ending music includes a fantastic medley of themes, and the staff roll features some incredible jazz music. These songs were a big surprise after, generally, two discs of "okay at best."

Ultimately, despite having a few killer songs, it's unlikely that you or any of your VGM-loving peers would want to take the time to hunt down this album. It's a collector's item for sure, and its value as a piece of VGM history lies almost as much in its name as it might in its music. Furthermore, fans of the first Riglord Saga (Mystaria) might be disappointed to hear music from a different set of composers; at the very least, this humble reviewer lamented over this problem. But, should you want to find this album, it has popped up with some frequency on Yahoo! Japan Auctions for a relatively low price.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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