Romancing SaGa OSV

[first print digipack]
Catalog Number: PSCN-5036 (first print N25D-009; reprint NTCP-5036)
Released On: November 25, 1995 (first print February 21, 1992; reprint October 1, 2004)
Composed By: Kenji Ito (except track 30, originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu)
Arranged By: Kenji Ito
Published By: NTT Publishing (first print Square Brand)
Recorded At: Sunrise Studio
Format: 1 CD

01 - Opening-Overture - Dawn of the Romance
02 - Theme of Albert - The Young Nobleman
03 - Theme of Sif - Warrior of the Iced Land
04 - Theme of Claudia - Song of the Nature
05 - Theme of Gray - Adventurous Spirit
06 - Theme of Jamil - Hello, my Friends!
07 - Theme of Aisha - Out in the Steppe
08 - Theme of Barbara - Dance Through the Road
09 - Theme of Captain Hawk - Ladyluck
10 - Step Into the Unknown
11 - The Conflict
12 - Victory!
13 - Glory of the Knight
14 - The Salute
15 - Sailing the Ocean
16 - Palace of the Dream
17 - Crystal City
18 - Lost in the Forest
19 - The Conspiracy
20 - Hurry Out!
21 - Shop Around the Town!
22 - Horrible Shadow
23 - Dim Gleam of Emerald
24 - The Four Wills
25 - Beat Them Up!
26 - A Requiem
27 - Deserted Village
28 - Theme of Solitude
29 - Destined Fate
30 - Heartful Tears
31 - The Forbidden Realm
32 - Beat of the Evil
33 - Coup de Grace
34 - Ending Theme - The Saga
Bonus Tracks
35 - Tango Frontier (Barbara's Tango)
36 - Bard's Tale-Once Upon a Time
37 - Night of the Shooting Star
38 - Walking Down the Street
Total Time:

Ito's second solo project with Square (his first being the Seiken Densetsu OST) features some great synthesized music. This soundtrack features music and sound samples that will set the tone for the next two Romancing SaGas, so it is almost a historic soundtrack in itself.

For early Super Famicom, I believe Ito sucked dry the technology of his day in this soundtrack. There are some "ooh ahh" vocals in certain songs, lots of echo-effects are put into place, and what drum beats are used throughout the CD don't sound as "obviously synth" as other Square soundtracks of the time (FF5 OST). Speaking of FF, we can again notice that Ito used Uematsu's classic "Heartful Tears" from the original SaGa (FF Legend 1) as a theme in the game.

As for packaging, Romancing SaGa features some great artwork...and the first print (if you can find it) also comes with a very nice sticker. The tracklist was listed in English, which I am always personally fond of when reviewing these soundtracks. All in all, this soundtrack is a fine purchase indeed. Look for the most recent reprint to get ahold of it.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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