Rudora no Hihou OSV
Catalog Number: PSCN-5050
Released On: April 25, 1996
Composed By: Ryuji Sasai
Arranged By: Ryuji Sasai
Published By: NTT Publishing
Recorded At: MEMORY-TECH Studio
Format: 1 CD

01 - The Quest for Rudra's Mines
02 - Beginning for the End
03 - The Mysterious Stone
04 - RUDRA
05 - Sword of the Valiant (Theme of SION)
06 - Between Two Worlds (Theme of SURLENT)
07 - Crime of the Heart (Theme of RIZA)
08 - Take the Gold and Run (Theme of DUNE)
09 - Amazing Express
10 - Ride on the Breeze
11 - Under World
12 - Earth Bound
13 - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
14 - The Ultimate Warrior
15 - Holiday in the Village
16 - Night Shift
17 - Parade
18 - Waiting for the Moon
19 - Whistle Down the Wind
20 - Place in the Sun
21 - Underwater City
22 - Dance with the Zombie
23 - The Nightbreed
24 - Downfall
25 - Battle for the Fields
26 - Evil Eyes
27 - Strange Encounters (SION)
28 - The Spirit Chaser (SURLENT)
29 - The Flame and the Arrow (RIZA)
30 - Blazing Impact (DUNE)
31 - Winners Take All
32 - Mystics in BABEL
33 - The Tower of God
34 - Clockwork Steeple
35 - Shadows of Illusion
36 - Prophecy
37 - Sanctuary
38 - Storm over the Place
39 - Bio Hazard
40 - Night Gallery
41 - Evil in the Deep
42 - King of the Mountain
43 - The Inhuman Condition
44 - The Auarians
45 - The Invisible Dead
46 - Edge of Darkness
47 - Ko-So-Do-Ro
48 - Run for It
49 - Creature from the Silent Sea
50 - Purgation
51 - Land of Doom
52 - Battle of the Last Enemy ~In the Mirror
53 - Battle of the Last Enemy ~Damned
54 - Battle of the Last Enemy ~Evolution
55 - Battle of the Last Enemy ~Final Conflict
56 - Change of Mind
57 - Beyond the Rising Moon
58 - Echoes
Total Time:

After a first listen, I didn't like it much. After a second listen, it seemed alright. Third listen, I was hooked. Rudra's Treasure (Rudora no Hihou) grew on me.

Though I am usually pretty bad at this, I was able to pick out the strengths and weaknesses of this OSV very easily. A strength is the music composition...Melody lines and drumbeats, that kinda stuff. An arranged version to this soundtrack would've killed...Which brings us to the weakness. It comes down to sound programming...either the instrumental sounds chosen or just the lower quality due to lack of high technology at the time; one of the two or both combined make a flaw in this OSV.

Rudra's Treasure had a cult-like following in Asia, as games like Chrono Trigger had cult-like following in America. It's difficult to find a copy of this soundtrack nowadays, but if you ever do find it available, do yourself a favor and get this obscure Squaresoft soundtrack into your collection.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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