Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Audio CD
Catalog Number: N/A
Released On: October 2, 2008
Composed By: Dynamedion Studio
Arranged By: Dynamedion Studio
Published By: Ascaron Entertainment
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

01 - main menu theme
02 - highelves capital
03 - highelves day suite
04 - desert town
05 - desert day suite
06 - humans town
07 - humans castle
08 - humans love day
09 - humans day suite
10 - dryads town
11 - dryads day suite
12 - orcs camp
13 - orcs day suite
14 - seraphim hq day suite
15 - swamp day suite
16 - canyon day suite
17 - island day
18 - big machine
Total Time:

I remember the main theme from the first Sacred: it was full of passion and sent a twinge of excitement through me as I began my journey. The boring, uneventful main theme for Sacred 2 should have been a warning. I should have known then that the low level of excitement on this theme would match the rest of the soundtrack and game, it might have saved me not only from a waste of time, but also from disappointment.

Mediocre is the word that best sums up the game Sacred 2, and regrettably, it also is the best word to describe the soundtrack. The music does contribute to creating the overall atmosphere of the game, but it lacks the passion to push the boundaries any further. To put it simply, the tracks are quite ordinary. The soundtrack is so mundane, that I can't even pinpoint any tracks that really stick out in my mind. The soundtrack doesn't do any better in the game, and all of the music seems to just mash together in my mind in an overall average soundtrack.

My biggest complaint with the soundtrack for the first game was that it lacked variety; Sacred 2's soundtrack doesn't do anything to change that complaint. I'll give the composers for Sacred 2 some credit though, because it's apparent an effort was made to try and make melodies distinguishable from one another. At times, tracks would sound entirely different as you got toward the middle of them, which is nice for a game as vast as Sacred 2. In addition, the soundtrack attempted to bring life into Ancaria. It's apparent that nature influenced quite a bit of the soundtrack, and this also made the game seem more lifelike as I played it.

I really don't think, even having played the game, that there is much to compel you to listen to this soundtrack. It's lackluster, and I wish it brought more to the table. Much like the game, the soundtrack is a letdown. There will be some who enjoy it, but there are plenty of better soundtracks to listen to based on their own merits.

Reviewed by: Kimberley Wallace


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