Shining Wind Music Collection

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Catalog Number: WM-0567
Released On: May 31, 2007
Composed By: Kaoru Okada, Noriyasu Agematsu (1)
Arranged By: Kaoru Okada, Noriyasu Agematsu (1)
Published By: Wave Master
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD
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01 - Heart-shaped chant (Game Music Short Version)
02 - The Eternal Forest
03 - Liberia's Landscape
04 - The Shining Wind Manor
05 - Crystal of the Heart
06 - Luminous Knights
07 - Song of Victory
08 - The Wind of Heights
09 - Holy Capital
10 - The Land of Elves
11 - Seiran's Uproar
12 - Beast Fang March
13 - Five Beast Generals
14 - Quiet Moment
15 - Dark Clouds
16 - Desolate Land
17 - Raging Soul Blade
18 - Baelgard Empire
19 - Four Imperial Blades
20 - Shaking Feelings
21 - Tower of Heavens
22 - Storm and Stress
23 - Tears
24 - Harp of the Wind
25 - The Dark Disciple
26 - Beat of Darkness
27 - In the Name of Bonds
28 - The Sacred Tree
29 - Cocoon of Chaos
30 - Flapping in the Abyss
31 - Hearts in One
32 - Light of Hope
33 - The Legend of the Shining Wind
Total Time:

Following up on the 2D-based Action RPG "Shining Tears," the 2007 title "Shining Wind" again features music from Kaoru Okada. The soundtrack only features one disc's worth of music; the good news is that it was a pleasant surprise through and through.

The opening song, written by VGM newcomer Noriyasu Agematsu (composer-contributor to recent Wild Arms titles), is a bouncy-yet-tense 6/8 allegro piece reminiscent of vocals from the Atelier series. It sets the mood for the album very well.

From there, the barrage of highly accessible, impressively-synthesized tunes begins. If there's one thing I found refreshing about the album as a whole, it's that there was a minimum of bland "filler" music. These songs are very good, especially for a game that may fall under the radar of many gamers. I didn't expect much from this soundtrack, which is perhaps why I was so shocked to find such great music here.

But, even then, I am familiar with the music of Shining Tears, for which Okada contributed most of the pieces. And, if I were to compare the two soundtracks (as I am now about to do), I would have to say that Shining Wind is the victor in every way. Each and every song here is a quality VGM composition. The audio samples speak for themselves; both the softer town themes and the tense battle tracks mark a return to good synthesized music at a time when streaming audio of real instruments are becoming more prevalent.

Many of Wave Master's printed albums become out-of-print at the blink of an eye. So if you're interested, you may want to act soon. VGM fans, and fans of the "new" Shining games, would hardly regret it.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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