MIDI Power ver. 5.0 - Snatcher

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Catalog Number: KICA-7645
Released On: October 21, 1994
Composed By: Konami Kukeiha Club
Arranged By: Konami Kukeiha Club
Published By: King Records
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

01 - Bio Hazard (Snatcher)
02 - Twilight of Neo Kobe City (Snatcher)
03 - Theme of Snatcher (Part 1) (Snatcher)
04 - Theme of Jamie (Snatcher)
05 - Eternal Promise (Snatcher)
06 - One Night in Neo Kobe City (PC-Engine Snatcher)
07 - Theme of Katherine (Part 1-2) (Snatcher)
08 - Faded Memories (Snatcher)
09 - Factory Place (SD Snatcher)
10 - Difficult Move (SD Snatcher)
11 - Triumphal Arch (SD Snatcher)
12 - Pleasure of Tension (Snatcher) ~ Resistance (SD Snatcher)
13 - In Danger (SD Snatcher)
14 - Theme of Snatcher (Part 2) (Snatcher)
15 - The Peaceful Avenue (SD Snatcher)
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MIDI Power 5 was used by Konami to take a look at Snatcher, in its various incarnations. The musical sources for this soundtrack are the original Snatcher, the PC-Engine version of Snatcher, as well as SD Snatcher. Now, if you like Kukeiha Club as much as I do, you should know that you're in for a treat before even beginning this album. These days, the sound libraries/modules of the MIDI systems used in the 1990s are recognized as a generally outdated mode of synthesized music, but when you listen to an album like this, it's easy to say that those MIDI systems were not just the champions of their own time, but are still a strong force for music today. I have nothing but praise for this album, as you will soon see.

Every time I listen to these songs, I am taken by surprise by just how wonderful it is. "One Night in Neo Kobe City" is a personal favorite. Listen to the saxophone solo, all of the funky synth happening in the background...it's just amazing! There are no words I can say to describe just how "cool" this music is. Of course, you'll hate it if you can't get into synthy jazz/pop fusion. But if it doesn't give you a headache, you'll be bouncing your head in agreement: this is good stuff!

Some albums have a "sweet spot," a section of tracks that sound great when strung together. I recognize MIDI Power 5's sweet spot as track 9 through 12, all from SD Snatcher. All of these tracks are fast-paced tunes that would make any Konami (or Falcom) fan drool. These songs just sound so good, it as though the Kukeiha Club could do no wrong during this year. Listen to the samples, and see for yourself.

As far as arranged albums go, this is one of the best arranged albums I've ever heard that doesn't incorporate a full arsenal of real, live instruments. Its worth cannot be conveyed in terms of dollars, especially if you're a fan of Snatcher (or Konami in general). This is a great collector's item, as well as a great album to listen to while you kick back and relax.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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