Star Ocean: Till the End of Time OST Vol.1

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Catalog Number: KDSD-00002/3 (limited edition box zKDSD-00002/3)
Released On: March 19, 2003
Composed By: Motoi Sakuraba
Arranged By: Motoi Sakuraba
Published By: Team Entertainment
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 2 CDs
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Disc One
01 - The Dawn of Wisdom
02 - Into the Undiscovery Ocean
03 - Fly by Contact
04 - Starless Wavelets
05 - Imbalance
06 - Misted Moon
07 - Lakes and Marshes With Doubt
08 - Fallen Leaves - Flute Ver.
09 - Chrysanthemum in Winter
10 - The Desolate Smell of Earth
11 - Dreams
12 - Till the End of Time
13 - Sail Against the Wind
14 - Take off From Home
15 - Into a Storm not Memorized
16 - The Outbreak of War
17 - March for Glory
18 - Requiem for a Saint
19 - Stafflower in the Castle Town
20 - Collapse of Frailty
21 - Lively Step
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Ice Crystal
02 - The Future of Blood-Stained Blade
03 - Calm Mind Reflected in the Pupil
04 - Reflected Moon
05 - Manifestation
06 - So Alone, Be Sorrow - Piano Ver.
07 - Imperial Garden
08 - So Alone, Be Sorrow
09 - Influence of Truth Appearance
10 - Brass Wings
11 - Like Squashing Grape
12 - Interval of Freezed Time
13 - Fallen Leaves
14 - Dark Flare
15 - Divine Indignation
16 - Despair Road
17 - Brilliant Future
Bonus Track
18 - Brass Wings (Another Ver.)
Total Time:

I have been a huge Star Ocean fan ever since I first played Star Ocean: The Second Story. Interestingly enough, it was at about this time that I first realized just how important music is to games, especially RPGs. Naturally, when I first heard about Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, I was excited about the game, but I also found myself excited about listening to Motoi Sakuraba's new works for the game. Having to sit through a year and a half of delays, I got plenty of time to acquaint myself with his works in SO3.

This Star Ocean 3 OST contains nothing but almost completely instrumental tracks: no synth, just completely instrumental tracks. I had first heard a bit of his instrumental tracks from the Star Ocean EX OST, and the ones that I heard were pretty good, so I was expecting something great from Sakuraba on this OST.

I wasn't too disappointed with the results, either. Considering the tracks were almost completely orchestrated, you'd expect a lot of either moody or epic sounding tracks. This is very much the case with this OST; in fact, with the exception of two, maybe three tracks, the entire OST is configured this way. Both CDs have just about the same amount of dramatic and moody tracks, and that's not a bad thing: the bad thing is that a lot of these tracks can sound very much the same, which seems to be Sakuraba's minor flaw as a composer. For the life of me, I still think that the track "Chrysanthemum in Winter" has the same drum line that's found in his track entitled "Mountain Path" in his SO2 soundtrack. It's not a completely bad thing with this OST, and Sakuraba is a good composer; he's just a bit too similar in some of his works.

Anyone that loves to hear dramatic or very emotional music will probably love this OST. I really enjoy it, it is good music to listen to when you are studying, drawing, or writing. Each track conveys the emotion that it is supposed to, and does so well. Sakuraba fans will definitely want to add this to their collection, and those of you who are just avid VG music fans may enjoy this as well.

Reviewed by: CJ Allen