The complete soundtrack from the Secret of Evermore video game
Catalog Number: SQ-207
Released On: October 1, 1995
Composed By: Jeremy Soule
Arranged By: Jeremy Soule, Julian Soule
Published By: Squaresoft
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

Orchestrated Songs
01 - Hello World
02 - Variations of Castle Theme
03 - The Secret of Evermore
04 - Ancient World
05 - Greek Temple
06 - Pirate Theme
07 - Ocean Theme
08 - Merchant Theme
SNES Game Music
09 - The Queens
10 - Flying
11 - Greek Temple
12 - The Scientist
13 - Introduction
14 - Puppet Song
15 - Mini Boss
16 - Greek Temple II
17 - Cecil's Town
18 - Over the Waterfall
19 - The Rat's Chamber
20 - White Castle Town
21 - Quick Sand Field
22 - Dark Castle
23 - The Tinkerer
24 - White Castle
25 - Freak Show
26 - Dog Maze
27 - Final Boss Music
28 - Ending Music
29 - The Return
Total Time:

Back in 1995, if you asked someone about Jeremy Soule your answer would have been "who?" How things have changed! Today, Jeremy Soule is one of the most sought-after composers for games and films, and has won numerous awards for his soundtracks, including a BAFTA. Why is 1995 important? Not only does that date coincide with Soule's first entry into video game music, but it also happens to be the year Secret of Evermore (SoE) was released. As it turns out, even though SoE was his very first composition for a video game, it's absolutely fantastic!

A little bit of history... SoE was the only Square game designed in the USA. The game received quite positive reviews, but sadly was a commericial failure. Fortunately, Squaresoft decided to release "The complete soundtrack from the Secret of Evermore video game," which by the way is exactly what's written on the front of the soundtrack. However, that title is a little misleading. The soundtrack contains 8 beautifully arranged pieces as well as 21 original SNES tracks.

So then, what can you expect from this soundtrack? Like much of Soule's music, the SoE soundtrack is heavily atmospheric. It's not as bombastic as other RPG soundtracks such as Symphony Ys (which I love), and it's not as sentimental as many of the tracks you can hear in the Final Fantasy IV OSV. The music ranges from jazzy to slightly surreal, and always has a hint of darkness. At times you can hear the wind blow, which adds to the beauty of this atmospheric work. In general, I'm not a fan of MIDI; however, there are some SNES soundtracks which hold their ground against soundtracks released even today, and the SoE soundtrack is one of them. It simply never seems to get old. Needless to say, if you are a fan of SNES music then you MUST get this album! If you are unsure whether this album is for you, I suggest listening to some samples first. If it helps, other albums that are comparable in style and quality include Tenchi Sozo Creative Soundtracks (aka Terranigma) and Tactics Ogre. Lastly, it's important to note that this album is extremely rare, and people will not part with it easily. The lowest price I have seen a copy sell for (as of 2009) is $150, and most go for more. Worth the price? It sure is!

Bottom line(s): the Secret of Evermore soundtrack is atmospheric, dark, and hauntingly beautiful. It has some of the best SNES music ever created, and still sounds wonderful to this day.

Reviewed by: avatar!

Secret of Evermore became known as the only US-made RPG released by Square and not much more than that. Sure, this game didn't turn many heads, but I feel the music had its own unique flair. This CD contains 8 excellent orchestrated tracks as well as 21 tracks of game music. Even though the music is of the 16-bit era, it has lots of excellent tracks that are very pleasant to listen to. The only drawback to this game's soundtrack is that a few songs seem redundant in style. Also, some music in the game is just plain bad, but fortunately, those pieces were intelligently left off this CD to make it an all-around well-balanced music soundtrack. If you don't have this CD yet, good luck finding it. I got my copy by special ordering it directly from Square soon after I purchased the game. As far as I know, it isn't available from them anymore.

Reviewed by: StahnMahn