Sorcerian Mega Drive Version OST
Catalog Number: WM-0611/2
Released On: October 29, 2008
Composed By: Bo (Tokuhiko Uwabo), JIMITA (Hiroshi Kubota), Sound Team JDK
Arranged By: N/A
Published By: Wave Master
Recorded At: TRC North
Format: 2 CDs
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Disc One
01 - Opening
02 - Castle "Let's Meet Here"
03 - Village "Pentawa I"
04 - Village "Pentawa II"
Gray Dungeon
05 - Dungeon
06 - Daemon Soldier
07 - Event Clear
08 - Beautiful Day
09 - Traveller's Inn
Village of Everlasting Spring
10 - Village
11 - Cave and Dungeon
12 - Mosma
Sky Waterfall
13 - On Earth
14 - In the Sky
15 - Earthwind
Chinese Medicine
16 - China Town
17 - China Village
18 - Angel's Song
19 - China Dragon
Altar of Petos
20 - Ice Dungeon
21 - Ice Dragon
22 - Sigh and Tear
Total Time:

Disc Two
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
01 - The Magic School I
02 - The Magic School II
03 - Master Monster
Twin Islands
04 - Twin Islands
05 - Windy Cave
06 - High Minotaur
07 - Melody I
08 - Melody II
09 - Fairy's Harp
The Marionette's House
10 - Human World
11 - Marionette's World
12 - King of Marionette
13 - Behind the Marionette
Targeted Village
14 - Eerie Village
15 - Underground Dungeon
16 - Fire Dragon
Forest of the Evil God
17 - Again
18 - The Castle of Zander
19 - Zander Dragon
20 - Ending I
21 - Ending II
Total Time:

Note: we took the liberty of fixing English spelling errors from "Behaind" to "Behind," and from "Deamon" to "Daemon," in the tracklist.

Here's an interesting treat that came out of left field. Sega released the soundtrack for their version of the Falcom classic, "Sorcerian." The Mega Drive port of the game came with a significant portion of music written exclusively for Sega's version of the game (though some of the classic Falcom peices were used as well). And now, a full two decades later, we get a two disc soundtrack release for it. Surprised? I know I am.

There are a variety of primitive synths that were used during the old 8-bit days, and generally I would pick the Nintendo sounds over the Sega sounds of those days (same with 16-bit era, of course). But this album proves that the old Sega synths can compete with its peers. The mixing and recording quality of this release is fantastic! If you listen with headphones or with solid stereo speakers, you can detect some impressive mixing from left and right audio channels. A lot of clever audio production went into the music.

The actual compositions, however, aren't as impressive. The best pieces, in my opinion, are those that were originally written for Falcom. The Sega-exclusive music, written by a variety of non-Falcom musicians (including Uwabo, who also worked on some early Phantasy Star titles), sound a lot like the music you'd hear in a generic Sega action game. Emphasis here, it should be noted, is on the word generic. Catchy, yes! You can dance to them. But memorable? Not really. Nothing can beat the original Sorcerian tunes. The Mega Drive-only songs make the album more robust, to an extent, but one might also argue that all it does is add more filler. The music isn't bad, but a part of me would rather listen to "Music From Sorcerian" in place of this album.

However, generic as the audio may be, this is the first time Sega's compositions have been released on a CD. So if you're a collector of either Falcom or Sega music, then you better get this in your collection! And with "Wave Master" being the publisher, with their notoriety for having limited print runs, you might not have much time to act!

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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