Hiro's Game Music Album -Selected Sorcerian-
Catalog Number: HGMA-004/5
Released On: December 30, 2000
Composed By: Hiroshi Nishizawa
Arranged By: Hiroshi Nishizawa
Published By: Hiro Music System
Recorded At: N/A
Format: 2 CDs

Disc One
The Beautiful Bride
01 - Dionne Village Theme
02 - Bandit Theme
03 - Cain's Theme
Disappearance in the Silver City's Light
04 - Orsode Underground
Pandora's Box
05 - Village Theme
06 - Scenario Clear
Incandescent Song
07 - Village Theme 1
08 - Village and Neighboring Village Theme
09 - Scenario Clear
Temple of Time
10 - Lyra Castle Village Theme
11 - Temple of Time ~Present~
12 - Temple of Time ~During Construction~
13 - Temple of Time ~Ceremony of Perpetual Youth~
14 - Temple of Time ~Time of the Second Coming~
15 - Liana's Memory
16 - Revival of the Dragon of Time
17 - Dragon of Time Negatil's Theme
18 - Scenario Clear
The Cursed Ruins
19 - Old Lady Barbara's Theme
20 - Village Theme
21 - Ruins Theme
22 - Scenario Clear
Total Time:

Disc Two
Bewitching Fantasy Dream
01 - Skyscraper Temple Theme
02 - Underground Theme
03 - The Light Dragon Pazuzu's Theme
04 - Scenario Clear
The Goddess Who Disappeared in the Darkness
05 - Theme of the Castle of the King of Darkness
06 - King of Darkness Theme
07 - Scenario Clear
The Seal
08 - Theme of the Prison and the Rest of the Island
09 - Ruins Theme
10 - Scenario Clear
Raging Waves Triathlon
11 - Samba Rhythm de Cha Cha!!
12 - Boss Killer Theme
13 - Ending Ceremony
14 - Sorcerian Fan Club
Bonus Track
15 - Triathlon Boss Character Theme
16 - Sorcerian Fan Club
Total Time:

Hiroshi Nishizawa released his own contributions to the Sorcerian series in an indepently-published two disc set in 2000. The album maintained a low profile until recently, likely due to the revived interest in the series thanks to Sega's "Sorcerian Mega Drive Version" OST.

What is "Selected Sorcerian," you ask? These were actually add-ons to Falcom's Sorcerian series that, while still being official canonized Sorcerian games, were actually developed by a different studio (Amorphous). This soundtrack covers music to these obscure add-ons to Sorcerian.

This extremely rare and obscure album has a lot of music that has never before been published. And honestly? That's what makes the soundtrack so interesting to a long-time Falcom music fan. How many different versions of the same melody can you listen to without feeling jaded? Now, you get the oldschool synths with melodies you probably haven't heard before. And Nishizawa's compositions are top notch, I can tell you that.

Case in point: the "Temple of Time" tracks on disc one. Wow! What a superb series of game music tracks. The last one, "Time of the Second Coming," is the most bouncy, rhythmic piece I've yet heard using this sound chip. What a treat!

The last two tracks of disc two are upgraded-synth bonus tracks, and they are excellent. The boss medley is enjoyable, and the Sorcerian "Fan Club" music is entertaining in a cute kind of way. I'm glad these tracks were included.

There are plenty of other great compositions on these two discs. I'm not going to take the time to describe them, or my reactions to them. I will only say this: the sole limitation on the tracks (the synth used) can be a large obstacle for some people to overcome. The same types of sounds being used, over and over, for each one of these otherwise dynamic compositions, can become very frustrating for certain listeners. Fortunately, I am not one of those listeners. But you may be. Even listening to the audio samples provided with the review might be too much for you. But if you're down with the synth sound, then know that the compositions here are at least as good as what you'd find on "Music From Sorcerian," if not better. Yes, I do mean that. This means that, if you like Falcom's Sorcerian series, and you like having rare CDs in your collection, this is the album to hunt down! Even though it's not Falcom, it's still Sorcerian, and it's still great music!

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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