Spectral Force OST The Best

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Catalog Number: KDSD-00069
Released On: May 18, 2005
Composed By: Kenji Kaneko, Toru Kobayashi, Ryuji Iuchi, T's Music, Kou Kisaragi
Arranged By: Kenji Kaneko, Toru Kobayashi, Ryuji Iuchi, T's Music, Kou Kisaragi
Published By: Team Entertainment
Recorded At: Memory Tech
Format: 1 CD

Spectral Force Chronicle
01 - Line of Destiny~Game ver.
02 - Theme Of Spectral Force Chronicle
03 - The Knighterant
04 - Edge Of Insanity
05 - Baby, I'm in Relief
06 - Pharaoh~roving over a desert
07 - Wings Of Tomorrow
08 - Feel The Mystery.....
09 - Coldhearted Soldier
10 - Candlelight Fantasia
11 - The World's End~running on empty
12 - Against The Crash in Krakozia
13 - The Proof Of Defeat
14 - Asiance Of Light
15 - The Beginning Of Nightmare
16 - Feel The Tense.....
17 - Eclipse
18 - A Towering Rage
19 - Top Of The Speed~C Minor
20 - Love Of The Green
21 - The Power Attack 1
22 - The Power Attack 2
23 - The Power Attack 3
24 - The Power Attack 4
25 - The Power Attack 5
26 - The Power Attack 6
27 - My Voyage~ver.Chronicle
28 - Theme Of Spectral Force2~ver.Chronicle
29 - The Perpetual Evil~ver.Chronicle
30 - Line of Destiny
Spectral Force Lovely Wickedness
31 - Tittle Calling~Lovely Wickedness
32 - For Glory's Sake
33 - Victory or Defeat
34 - Calm Opening
Spectral Force 2
35 - Theme Of Spectral Force2~ver.Original
36 - Castle and Dragon
37 - Destiny
38 - Field 3
Spectral Force 1
39 - The Whereabouts of My Dreams~Openning ver.
40 - First Map~Arranged ver.
Total Time:

If you couldn't tell from the tracklist, apparently "The Best" thing that Spectral Force offers musically is from the "Spectral Force Chronicle" title, which I believe is a remake for PS2. Let's work backwards to get the less appealing stuff out of the way, then hit the main course: shall we? Let us anon.

The very first Spectral Force never had a soundtrack released for it. Apparently, the music wasn't held in high esteem even by its own company, because the "best" music they could find were the opening vocal and an arranged version of a main map theme. Yikes.

Spectral Force 2 has some fairly good music, and I'd say that Team Entertainment got it right when they picked these songs. They may not be the absolute best songs from the game (that's based on opinion anyway), but it's a fair sample of what the soundtrack holds. Spectral Force 2 did have its own soundtrack printed, but it was and is extremely hard to find.

"Lovely Wickedness" is a side-story game in the Spectral Force series. Composed by Toru Kobayashi, it is probably my least favorite work in the series. The sound quality just isn't what it should be. As such, even the "best" songs from this soundtrack sound subpar compared to the rest of what's on this disc. Note that Spectral Force Lovely Wickedness also had a soundtrack printed, and it too is a rare find...one I would not suggest people seek after when this superior "Best" disc is available.

Now then, the real deal, 30 tracks from the PS2 "Spectral Force Chronicle." These tracks are fairly good. If I were to make comparisons, I'd say that much of the music here either sounds like music from Langrisser or else from Final Fantasy Tactics (more strategy RPGs: surprise!). There is a nice mix of hard-rock tracks and synth orchestra tracks throughout the soundtrack; it's certainly fitting for the style that Idea Factory had in mind with the overarching "Spectral" series.

Two more things before I wrap up the review: first, I can't help but point out the silly Engrish. Track 5, "Baby, I'm in Relief"...I don't even know what that's supposed to mean, but I'm pretty sure it sounds naughty. The "Openning" on track 39 is also the work of the Japanese publishers. Secondly, "Line of Destiny" is a vocal track that appears twice, and there are a few other vocals that make an appearance on the CD. I liked all of these vocal tracks, especially because they weren't the standard J-Pop ballads I expected them to be.

If you have intentions of keeping up with Idea Factory's work, then get this soundtrack before it falls into obscurity.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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