Super Robot Taisen α Gaiden OST
Catalog Number: LACA-5033
Released On: May 23, 2001
Composed By: Naofumi Tsuruyama, Takuya Hanaoka, Hitoshi Senzawa (1, 43), Daisuke Fujimoto, Various
Arranged By: Kenichi Sudoh (1, 43)
Published By: Lantis
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

01 - Steel Messiah (Original Soundtrack Ver.)
02 - Mazinger Z
03 - I am Great Mazinger
04 - Getter Robo!
06 - Silent Voice
09 - Come Here! Daitarn 3
10 - Theme of Combattler V
11 - Song of Voltes V
12 - Burning Love
13 - Dog Fighter
14 - Brave Raideen
15 - Hurricane Xabungle
16 - Galactic Whirlwind Bryger
19 - Scirocco! Gale! Cybuster
20 - Dark Prison
21 - Flapper Girl
22 - Flame of the Chinese Gym Teacher
23 - From the Incompatable Land of Lakes and Marshes
24 - Traditional Song: Mio's Jongara Song
25 - Endless Battle
26 - Spring Breeze Presia
27 - The Wind of La Gias
28 - The Other Side of Faraway Times
29 - Twilight's Bell
30 - The Earth's Successor
32 - Sleep, in the Depths of the Earth
35 - Justice is with Us
36 - Advancing Army of Giant Machines
37 - Future Running Astray
38 - Break the Chains
42 - The Messiah Comes
43 - POWER (Original Soundtrack Ver.)
Total Time:

The first SRT Alpha game was a hit, managing to evolve the franchise in a new direction. That includes the dynamics of the music too. This is the second installment in the series (not numbered for some reason). Since I heard all the other soundtracks from the other series, I initially thought I would be hearing the same songs once more, but surprisingly, there were quite a lot of new songs to listen and experience (for me). Around three fourths of the soundtrack consists of theme songs (yea!), but there are a couple of fresh anime songs to enjoy too. Plus, it is the debut of JAM Project representing the Super Robot Taisen/Wars series (double yea!).

Kicking things off is JAM project's "Steel Messiah," and it simply rocks. Very strong vocals with a hardcore melody, like typical JAM Project. Not my favorite of their works, but still enjoyable. From there, it moves on to Mazinger songs, and while the first one might be different from others I heard, hear them once, you heard it all. Still fun listens though. Apparently Getter Robo only has only one theme on the other hand, so if you've heard that once, you've definitely heard it all.

Among what is fresh, "The Winner" is a hot song for starters. It's a remix of the Gundam 0083 opening, and though it has been years since I watched it, the opening remains in my memory. "White Reflection" is an excellent song, and a great remix of the second Gundam Wing opening. I did not like that Gundam series much, but Two-Mix's music was superb, especially the openings. For something odd, "Burning Love" is certainly an interesting yet strange song. The beginning sounds like it is an NES stage, then it shifts to an 80s style. Definitely sticks out among the anime bunch, so it's worth a listen.

What made the soundtrack really shine was the original music that was offered. The original themes are great listens, and I still have a love affair with Shu's "Dark Prison." Three songs, three styles, all awesome. What is new (to me) are the Masoukishin (Elemental Lords), who, like Masaki, control elemental mechs. Since Masaki's Cybuster is wind, the other three are covered. I do not know anything at all about these characters, but at the very least, I like their theme songs.

Each of the three songs are quite fast-paced, though each with a distinctive music style. I find it nice how each song corresponds properly with their respective elements, adding more relevance to the songs. "Flame of the Chinese Gym Teacher" is a theme song that shows a lot of might, like the strength of fire. "From the Incompatable Land of Lakes and Marshes" is a more serene theme (in its own way) with feelings of drama deep within the melody. The whole song flowed well like water. "Traditional Song: Mio's Jongara Song" is certainly a strange song, but I thought it was quite a good listen. It has a very strong usage of flutes, giving it some Asian flair making the song very solid, like Earth. I strongly disliked how abruptly the song ended, just when it seemed like there is going to be a lot more to it.

I am very impressed by a lot of the non-theme songs this time around. While there are a number of intense songs, many of them are darker than normal. Rather than the usual techno, jazzy and/or rockin' music, there are a lot of orchestral pieces, and quite frankly, they are great. There are also some songs with heavy use on a piano organ that also made the soundtrack a lot more interesting. Most of them sound apocalyptic or just simply "the end" and, trying to picture the game with these songs, it certainly puts a lot more depth and some heavy emotions into the songs, at least to me.

Among those songs, one of my personal favorites was "Over the Crisis." The instruments and execution made it a chaotic melody. I loved how well the organ was used in this song, greatly enhancing the chaos. "The Earth's Successor" and "Earth Cradle" are also great, both being different versions of the same song. While not much difference, it's worth listening anyhow. Upon playing and recently beating Original Generation 2 (on Game Boy Advance), I grew fond of "The Gate of Magus" theme song so of course I was greatly enjoying the song on Alpha Gaiden too. Overall, these batches of songs are definitely enjoyable, and a nice break from the normal SRW pattern.

Finishing the soundtrack off is the game version of "POWER" by JAM Project: Opposite style of the opening's fast-paced theme, but still pulling off that undeniable JAM Project magic.

In the end, this OST was definitely a pleasant surprise. It offered quite a lot of new songs for me to enjoy; there were some nice anime songs not featured in other albums and a great amount of fresh original themes. In the end, it became my second favorite original soundtrack in the Alpha series with Alpha 3 being first place. I highly recommend purchasing or giving this soundtrack a listen, because it's much different than what the other albums have to offer.

Reviewed by: Dennis Rubinshteyn


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