Super Robot Taisen F OST & Arrange Album
Catalog Number: FSCA-10014
Released On: September 19, 1997
Composed By: Daisuke Fujimoto, Michiaki Watanabe, Various
Arranged By: Yoshiyuki Ito, Hiroshi Iizuka, Naoyuki Horimukai, Michiaki Watanabe, Hiroshi Sakamoto
Published By: First Smile Entertainment
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

Arrange Version
01 - Crossing Time
02 - Prepare For Launch?
03 - Invasion
Original Version
05 - Crossing Time
06 - Can You Form a Strategy?
07 - Dashing Char
08 - Mobile Suits Game ~ Enemy Plane Invasion
09 - Silent Voice
11 - L-Gaim ~ Time For L-GAIM
13 - Fly, Dunbine
14 - Main Theme
16 - F91 Gundam Sally
17 - As a Polished Mirror and Still Water
18 - Burning Combative Spirit
19 - Getter Robo!
20 - Mazinger Z
21 - Theme of Z
22 - Into Space, Mazinger Z!
23 - I am Great Mazinger
24 - Come Here! Daitarn 3
25 - Theme of Combattler V
26 - GoShogun Takeoff!
28 - Burning Love
29 - Ideon Reborn
30 - The Bowstring Flies
31 - To the Cosmos With You
32 - Top o Nerae! ~Fly High~
34 - Cruel Angel's Thesis
36 - Scirocco! Gale! Cybuster
37 - Valcyon
38 - Flame of the Chinese Gym Teacher
39 - From the Incompatable Land of Lakes and Marshes
40 - Flapper Girl
41 - Traditional Song: Mio's Jongara Song
42 - Dark Prison
43 - Prepare For Launch?
44 - Power and Art
45 - Invasion
46 - Dark Messenger
47 - 100 Light Years of Courage
48 - Genocide Machine
49 - Heartful Mechanic
50 - Hey, Can You Form a Strategy?
53 - Courage in Hot Blood ~Robot Generation Song of Praise~
Total Time:

Of all the Super Robot Taisen soundtracks, perhaps none is more dominated by anime themes than the "F" (Final) OST. With a few exceptions (such as the arranged tracks), everything up to track 35 is anime music.

However, the original tracks at the end, as well as their early arranged counterparts, have gone on to become classics in the SRT soundscape, being re-used in tons of different SRT titles since.

SRT F is a substantial remake of SRT4, and was meant to "Finalize" the original series (before jumping to Alpha and other spin-offs). It was a big project, at least for its time, and marks the halfway point through the series' now 15 year length.

The music reflects the sort of "cornerstone" position that the game "F" finds itself in. We have something of a "best of" with the best 32-bit sound available at the time and some excellent song selection. Top it off with four arranged tracks and you have quite an excellent OST on your hands.

If this were the late '90s, that would still hold true. But, as each song has been re-arranged nearly a dozen times in different SRT incarnations, it's safe to say that a package such as the MX OST or the Alpha 3 OST would be better choices than this old, out of print disc from First Smile Entertainment. It's truly a "collectors only" kind of album.

Something I was happy to see here was the first, original version of "Robot Generation Song of Praise," the ending theme for Super Robot Taisen F. It's one of the last songs to be written and performed by people outside of the "JAM Project," and it's really a solid entry in the roster of SRT themes. If you're looking for the top quality of the "old-school" SRT music, look no further than this album.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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