Sakura Taisen 2 ~You Shall Not Die~ Steam Gramophone

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Catalog Number: MJCA-00027
Released On: July 17, 1998
Composed By: Kouhei Tanaka
Arranged By: Kouhei Tanaka, Takayuki Negishi
Published By: Marvelous Entertainment
Recorded At: Sega Digital Studio, Sound Ballet, Sound City
Format: 2 CDs

Disc One
01 - Declaration! Imperial Floral Assault Group (Revision) - Sakura Version
02 - Declaration! Imperial Floral Assault Group
03 - Prologue (Movie)
04 - Theme of Love
05 - Spring Will Come
06 - Absolute Destiny Tango
07 - The Joy of Being Alive
08 - Southern Wind Go Go
09 - Beloved Jean-Paul
10 - Let's Go by Metro
11 - Teigeki - Daytime Theme
12 - Maybe...
13 - Action Theme
14 - Teigeki - Evening Theme
15 - Dustshoot (Movie)
16 - Imperial Floral Assault Group, Attack!
17 - Eisenkleid, Attack (Movie)
18 - Koubu II, Attack (Movie)
19 - Battle 1
20 - Oniou's Theme (Movie)
21 - Bad Omen Theme
22 - Theme of Sorrow
23 - Love Theme
24 - Wings of Icarus
25 - Theme of Pleasure
26 - Boss 1
27 - Theme of Shonen Red
28 - Theme of Joy
29 - Bad Omen Theme (Movie)
30 - Theme of Anxiety
31 - Theme of the Kokkikai
32 - Theme of Anger
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Declaration! Imperial Floral Assault Group (Revision) - Sumire Version
02 - Flowers the Capital
03 - Theme of Kyoukyoku (Movie)
04 - Pinch Theme
05 - Battle 2
06 - Summer Holiday Theme
07 - Orihime's Reconciliation (Movie)
08 - Theme of Agitation (Movie)
09 - Theme of Agitation
10 - Theme of Oniou
11 - Battle 3
12 - Departure of Love All Right!
13 - Miracle Bells - Performance Version
14 - Theme of the Imperial Capital
15 - Musashi's Theme (Movie)
16 - Musashi's Theme
17 - Mikasa Launch (Movie)
18 - War Airship Mikasa
19 - Boss 2
20 - Kyoukyoku's Theme
21 - The Final Fight
22 - Decisive Battle - Imperial Floral Assault Group!
23 - Decisive Battle - Imperial Floral Assault Group! (Movie)
24 - Great Rondo
25 - Continuation of the Dream - Performance Version
26 - Blooming Maidens (Movie)
27 - Blooming Maidens - Journey
28 - Declaration! Imperial Floral Assault Group (Revision) - Maria Version
Total Time:

Sakura Taisen 2 is the second installment of Red Company/Overworks' popular dating simulation-strategy hybrid. The actual game already is a truly outstanding example of distinctly Japanese games, and its soundtrack managed to impress me in a similar way as the game.

While being wonderfully light-hearted and romantic at some points, it also contains gloomy, threatening themes. I find it hard to compare its unique style to the epic works of Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu or Yoko Shimomura, however. This OST is fundamentally different from the great RPG scores of Square's composers, but nonetheless "au-pair" to them in terms of quality and variety.

Among the outstanding themes, this two-disc set offers the interested listener three vocal versions of the game's main theme, each performed by a different voice actor. On the instrumental side, "Departure of Love All Right," "Miracle Bells - Performance Version" and "Decisive Battle - Teikoku Kagekidan! (Movie)" are my absolute favorites.

This item can be a very hard item to acquire since it is now out of print, and you will find very few retailers that still have a copy or two in stock. Regardless, the amount of time and money you may have to spend in order to find this soundtrack is definitely worth the effort. Trust me.

Reviewed by: Chris Winkler

Second soundtrack of the series, Sakura Taisen 2 Steam Gramophone is in various ways an improvement over the first one. The character themes are there, and the way the music is spread on the two CDs is much better than that of the first soundtrack. Moreover, this soundtrack includes all three game size opening songs (Sakura, Sumire and Maria versions).

In terms of quality, the composition lives up to the standard of the series, and even surpasses it for some themes. The new version of the opening song is even more upbeat and catchy, and the themes are still beautifully executed, and with this exquisite Japanese feel to them. The dramatic themes and battle themes are memorable as always, and the more casual themes are pleasant as well. Like the first soundtrack, this CD offers a good variety of styles.

Overall, this CD is another great achievement and a CD that can be enjoyed even by non-fans of the series, oriental style music lovers especially. A good investment considering the quality of the music and the number of tracks for the relatively low price (3000 yen). Note that the first print of this CD comes with a set of stickers.

Reviewed by: Eve C.


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