Sakura Taisen New Songs Collection

[back cover]
Catalog Number: MJCA-00054
Released On: July 7, 1999
Composed By: Kouhei Tanaka
Arranged By: Kouhei Tanaka, Takayuki Negishi, Shinji Miyazaki, Masami Kishimura, Akifumi Tada
Published By: Marvelous Entertainment
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD
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01 - This is the Revue!
02 - Beyond the Dawn
03 - My Summer
04 - The Pocus of Hocus
05 - The Kamona is Made of Shallow Grass!
06 - Song of the Sparkle
07 - Wonderful Stage
08 - The Things I Believe In
09 - Love Toward Eternity
10 - Declaration! Imperial Floral Assault Group (Revision II)
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The holographic cover can be removed to reveal the booklet's cover above.

The success of the first two song albums of Sakura Taisen resulted in the release of more vocal albums, hence this new song compilation (and its stylish holographic cover), which is, unlike the previous two Kayou Zenshuu, not based on character themes from the game, but rather just a compilation of new songs (hence the "Shin" in "Shin Kayou Zenshuu", meaning "New Songs Collection").

In terms of style, this album is close to the first Kayou Zenshuu: anime-style songs sung by the game's voice actors. The album starts with Kore ga revue (This is the Revue), which has become famous for being used as the opening song for many Sakura related events. ST2's 8 main characters then have their songs, with Kaede having an extra song and Kanna and Sumire sharing one. Last, the CD includes yet another version of the opening theme Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan, with a slightly more techno-ish introduction, and a slightly revised orchestration. It's performed by Kohran, Iris and Kanna, and I have to mention for the Iris haters around here that Ms Nishihara, Iris' voice, sings in an almost normal voice in this version (which is not the case for her individual song though).

Although this is not the first Sakura Taisen CD I'd recommend getting, it can be a good buy if you loved the original Kayou Zenshuu CDs' songs and are dying to hear more. A variation on the subject in short, not adding much to the other vocal CDs nor exceptional, but enjoyable. Note that this CD has received two 'sequels', Shin Kayou Zenshuu II and III, but unlike the original, the new CDs contain songs based off Sakura Taisen musicals, rather than original songs.

Reviewed by: Eve C.