Summon Night 3 ~Official Visual Book & OST~
Catalog Number: N/A
Released On: August 7, 2003
Composed By: Chiaki Fujita
Arranged By: Chiaki Fujita
Published By: Banpresto
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

01 - Together With You ~From a Distant Island~
02 - The Day of Our Voyage
03 - Imagined for You
04 - Days of New Adventures
05 - Casually, I Will Go to the Island
06 - Mechanical Friend
07 - Furai's Relative
08 - Wise Guidance
09 - Cheerful Visitor
10 - Lured by the Sun
11 - The Party is Fun
12 - Evil Curse ~Here We Are!~
13 - Saké Everyday
14 - Hold the Pride of the Imperial Troops In Your Heart
15 - The Disobedient Patriot
16 - A Heart to be Clear
17 - March of the Great Troops
18 - The Birth of a Hero
19 - A Heart Reflected in the Water
20 - Wings I Can Wear
21 - Suspicion
22 - Hour of Disaster
23 - The Sword Mowing Down the Hollow
24 - Thoughts I Can Bear
25 - Secretly Unfastened
26 - The Color of a Strange Affair
Total Time:

This is a rare, promotional item published directly from Banpresto. The item is a book with beautiful illustrations and information on the game, and attached on the back page is a CD containing this, the Summon Night 3 OST.

Chiaki Fujita's songs can be hit or miss, but growth is apparent on this soundtrack, which I consider to be the best, and most consistent, of the three original Summon Night titles. Almost every song is a winner, on the same level of quality as another small-scale developer's music (*cough* Gust *wheeze* Atelier). Yeah, these songs rank up there. And even if it does fall a little short in your own mind, almost everyone can agree that Summon Night 3 is of a much higher quality, musically, than 1 or 2.

Rare as the item is, it has also become obsolete...which, for the consumer, is a good thing. Rather than tracking down this one disc collection for what is sure to be a hefty price, Frontier Works offers a four disc set of music for Summon Night 1, 2, and 3. The collection contains every song on this album release, and more, from Summon Night 3.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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