Summon Night 4 Soundtrack

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Catalog Number: CIACD-005
Released On: December 13, 2006
Composed By: LL-LAB, Pure Sound Company, Chiaki Fujita (1, 37)
Arranged By: Chiaki Fujita (1, 37)
Published By: Creative Idea of Associates
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD
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01 - NEVERLAND (Opening Theme)
02 - To the Sequel of the Dream
03 - Welcome to Our Town!
04 - Homespun Concerto
05 - Familiarity
06 - A Smile Treats You
07 - March of a Hard Worker
08 - Footsteps to Follow
09 - Those Whom You Can Entrust
10 - The Big Adventure of the Dragon Lasses
11 - Where are You, Mr. Demon?
12 - Beat of the Beast Demon
13 - Evil Machine
15 - Dancing Little Devil
16 - Drum Arts
17 - Victory Road
18 - A Decision to Confront
19 - Grab It!
20 - Determination
21 - Battle of Destiny
22 - Hero's Gathering
23 - Sword in Heart, Love Behind
24 - Quickening ~Distant Feeling~
25 - Powerless ~Before Sorrow~
26 - The Other Side of the Heart
27 - Broken Heart
28 - Nostalgic Enicia (Flute solo)
29 - Nostalgic Enicia
30 - An Awakening Legend
31 - Omen of Upheaval
32 - King of a Frozen World
33 - Break Your Chains!
34 - The Fallen Dragon
35 - It's a Prayer, Reach It
36 - Little Paradise
37 - Seed of Happiness (Ending Theme)
Total Time:

I thought I really had things figured out with the Summon Night series. Truly, truly I did. And then Summon Night 4 happened, and my whole world turned sideways.

I knew that Minako Adachi had composed some music for the Summon Night series, but most of the task had fallen onto Chiaki Fujita. And that's the way it should always be, right? Wrong. "Sing Like Talking" (Chiaki Fujita) has gone the way of Uematsu in Final Fantasy: compose vocal theme songs only. Now, an unnamed group of composers have taken on the job. Summon Night 4's OST is composed by "LL Lab" and "Pure Sound Company." In fact, different tracks are listed as being composed by one or the other group. Talk about careful outsourcing!

Surprisingly, however, Summon Night 4 didn't lose the feel (not in the way that Ex-Thèse did, at any rate). It sounds like a tried-and-true addition to Fujita's scores. This leaves my head hurting. If Fujita didn't take part in these compositions, someone out there sure knows how to imitate.

Though I generally prefer the Summon Night scores for their bouncy town themes and memorable "event" music, the final battle themes (there are a few of them in a row, check thr tracklist) really stood out to me as some of the best ever put into a Summon Night game. They were up there with Flight-Plan's other Strategy RPG, "Dragon Shadow Spell," in fact. I was pleased.

Someday, I'd love to see a real Summon Night title come to North America (not just the handheld gaidens, but the actual series installments). Perhaps that would also help to create a boosted interest in the VGM for this series, which I've found to be decent in almost every game Flight-Plan has made. In the meantime, this is the most recent soundtrack in the series (at the time this review was written), and I am certainly pleased with it. I hope you will be too.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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