Summon Night Ex-thèse ~Wings of Dawn~ OST

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Catalog Number: CHCD-1007
Released On: February 24, 2006
Composed By: Kenny K, Zeal Blood, Masako Imazeki
Arranged By: N/A
Published By: Choir
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 3 CDs
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Disc One
MIDI version
01 - on your trail
02 - ideal watch
03 - keep off the grass
04 - brother and sister
05 - first feeling
06 - life master
07 - uneasy wind
08 - cheerful "SAMURAI"
09 - oh! my daughter
10 - sleepy tone
11 - solemn hair
12 - anti-human sentiment
13 - useless money
14 - waste days
15 - diplomatic lion
16 - stop it!
17 - What's do you do?
18 - destroy them all
19 - big or small?
20 - copy in the black
21 - green tactics
22 - boundary of feel
Total Time:

Disc Two
MIDI version
01 - tested mind
02 - suppression of iron
03 - hesitation
04 - tears of heaven
05 - royal orders
06 - visitors
07 - project the future
08 - conversation at night
09 - clock stops time
10 - distance with you
11 - sign
12 - do sham show?
Playstation2 version
13 - on your trail
14 - ideal watch
15 - keep off the grass
16 - brother and sister
17 - first feeling
18 - life master
19 - uneasy wind
20 - cheerful "SAMURAI"
21 - oh! my daughter
22 - sleepy tone
23 - solemn hair
Total Time:

Disc Three
Playstation2 version
01 - anti-human sentiment
02 - useless money
03 - waste days
04 - diplomatic lion
05 - stop it!
06 - What's do you do?
07 - destroy them all
08 - big or small?
09 - copy in the black
10 - green tactics
11 - boundary of feel
12 - tested mind
13 - suppression of iron
14 - hesitation
15 - tears of heaven
16 - royal orders
17 - visitors
18 - project the future
19 - conversation at night
20 - clock stops time
21 - distance with you
22 - sign
23 - do sham show?
Total Time:

The Summon Night Ex-Thèse OST is a fairly obscure item that was published by Choir in 2006. Like many albums printed by "Choir," the composer is a trio of Japanese composers, two of which go by the pseudonyms Kenny K and "Zeal Blood" (or maybe "Jill Brad"...no one knows, it's always in katakana). Whatever the case, the composer for the OST is not the usual standby of "Chiaki Fujita" (which is also a strange name, also listed as "Sing Like Talking" at times). If you were a fan of the music from Summon Night 1, 2, and/or 3, know that your status as a fan does not necessarily mean you'll enjoy this one. It's a whole new ball of wax.

Despite coming in a three disc set, the OST to this Summon Night title comprises of roughly 90 minutes of music. We get it in two versions: the original MIDI compositions, and then their upscaled transition to PS2 synthesizers. As to which version is superior, I found that it truly varies from track to track. There were songs that didn't stand out at all in the MIDI version, but really hit hard on the PS2 version. "clock stops time" is just one example. The synth used in the MIDI version made it to drab, too muffled. But the PS2 version of the song was excellent. Conversely, the silly song "cheerful SAMURAI" came out great in the MIDI version, but sounded downright awful on the PS2 side.

As a whole, the music isn't as clever or rhythmically complex as what we've heard in previous Summon Night works. The music truly feels more like that of a "traditional" RPG, complete with generic themes. They aren't bland–indeed, there are plenty of quirky tunes and interesting melodies–but ultimately, this OST is a stockpile of standard RPG music. It's not going to make you sit up and say "wow!" like some other songs in previous Summon Night soundtracks may have done. That said, if you don't compare this OST to the rest of the Summon Night series, which I consider to have relatively high value in terms of composition, you may still find something truly enjoyable in the Ex-Thèse OST.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, albums printed by "Choir" are not available in many English-friendly outlets. Fortunately, it looks like Cocoebiz (VGM World) is on the job. Pick it up and add this interesting set of music to your collection, especially if you're a fan of all that is truly obscure.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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