Summon Night X ~Tears Crown~ OST

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Catalog Number: VGCD-0194
Released On: May 26, 2010
Composed By: Minako Adachi, Megumi Komagata
Arranged By: N/A
Published By: 5pb.Records
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 2 CDs
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Disc One
01 - Main Theme
02 - Opening Title
03 - Grees Plain
04 - Hardin Fortress
05 - Sorrow
06 - The Usual
07 - Celestia Palace
08 - Celestia Palace Saintoria
09 - Minstrel
10 - Shop
11 - Normal Battle
12 - Battle Victory
13 - Tension
14 - Moo Moo Room
15 - Evening Theme (Normal)
16 - Item Obtained
17 - Summoned Beast Training
18 - Comical
19 - War
20 - Determination
21 - Comrade Introduction
22 - Anger
23 - Boss Battle 1
24 - Level Up
25 - Forest of Illusion
26 - The Royal Family's Underground Tunnel
27 - Rest
28 - Evening Theme (Sorrow)
29 - Ark Land
30 - Deltiana Imperial Capital Wyrd
31 - Melchia Mountain Road
32 - Farlight Temple
33 - Joy
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Windol Meadow
02 - Kashiria Snow Field
03 - Ordinary Village
04 - Imperial Laboratory for Summoned Beasts
05 - Nordea Strath
06 - Jinryu Cave
07 - Mystery (Goddess Theme)
08 - Demon
09 - Boss Battle 2
10 - Battle Lost
11 - The Ends of the Earth, Gohz
12 - Forgotten Village Roze
13 - Parliament
14 - Ruohl Castle Ruins
15 - Verve Volcanic Cave
16 - Milfeel Coast
17 - Ocean Floor Corridor
18 - Tower of Summons
19 - Eldoga Stronghold
20 - Comrade Withdrawal
21 - Oldohra Desert
22 - Deltiana Castle
23 - Anxiety
24 - Forbidden Land
25 - Hell Hole
26 - Land of Darkness, Ovado
27 - Klavis Temple
28 - Klavis First Form
29 - Klavis Second Form
30 - Ending
31 - Dylan Chapter Ending
32 - Farrah Chapter Ending
33 - The Fourth Goddess, Muriel
Total Time:

I was worried that this soundtrack would be weak. I don't know what I was worried about, though. Minako Adachi is a great composer.

Summon Night X ~Tears Crown~ is a DS title and a follow-up to the DS game Atlus USA localized (Twin Age). Look at the tracklist, and you may think "how boring." I thought that too. Sorrow Theme, Town Theme, Battle Theme... okay. Well, I'm not sure boring is the right word. Let's try "traditional." Okay, now we're getting somewhere.

The two opening tracks are highly thematic: they are memorable. Not Dragon Quest Overture memorable, but still strong. And I reference Dragon Quest for a reason. As you listen to these tracks, you'll be reminded of all your favorite RPG franchises of old: FF, DQ, Mana, all mixed with a touch of Sting's early RPGs (as Adachi-san was on the team for those as well). Also throw in some of Iwadare's "Grandia" influence and a tiny bit of Shimomura's "Super Mario RPG" soundtrack, and you have a good feel for what you'll find on this OST.

Wanna hear something really catchy? Check out that "Shop" theme on disc one. It has a sense of adventure to it. Reminds me of a mix of a Shiren the Wanderer and FFXII: probably has to do with the Lydian mode (sharp 4 in your scale). It appears from time to time in the melody, and it sounds excellent.

Check out the other samples for cool, folksy-ethnic sounds, as well as inspirational march-style melodies and rock-hard battle music. This is the perfect size score for a longform RPG on a handheld. It's also a great listening experience.

I wasn't expecting to like the Tears Crown OST more than the original Summon Night trilogy on PS1/PS2. But my opinion is quickly shifting. Let that be the "green flag" for you if you're on the fence. This is a great RPG soundtrack through and through.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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