TalesWeaver OST
Catalog Number: MJCD-20071
Released On: August 25, 2006
Composed By: ESTi, Nauts, Nikacha, BADA, Kim Chan-Suk, JIMMie
Arranged By: ESTi, Nauts
Published By: Marvelous Entertainment
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 4 CDs

Disc A
01 - Till the End of Infinity
02 - The Tales (ESTi's Fairytale Remix)
03 - Magical Autumn
04 - Is This 2Step?
05 - Motivity
06 - Brand New Spring is Coming
07 - March of the Hero
08 - Sweet Place
09 - Waltz of the Birds
10 - Four Thousand Years
11 - Apparition
12 - The Place Forbidden to Visit by Adults
13 - Make a Break to This!
14 - A Cloudy World
15 - Take a Step Forward
16 - EarCatcher ~ Wishing
17 - Fortune Message
18 - Beach Wandering Boys
19 - Come With Happiness
20 - Walking On Your Own
21 - Dawn, and the Moment of Awakening
22 - Apparition Re-Mix
23 - A Tiny Chest Which Cannot Be Opened
24 - Groovin' Tonight (Arrange Ver.)
25 - Aquabelle
26 - Steppers On Line
27 - F.M.7
28 - Tropical Tripper
29 - Urban Lazy Groove Goes On
30 - Orange Garage
31 - Reminiscence (Radiomorphose Edit)
32 - Hotel Inside
33 - Dis-apparition
34 - Battle in the Tomb of Hero (Z80 Mix)
35 - Stage Clear
36 - Apparition (Orchestra Ver.)
Total Time:

Disc B
01 - Tales are About to be Weaved
02 - Make U the Weaver
03 - Close to the Weaver
04 - First Run
05 - Jungle Jungle
06 - Tomb of Honor
07 - Joke
08 - Autumn Leaves
09 - Dark
10 - Attack
11 - Dance ~ Celtic Edit
12 - Good Evening, Narvik
13 - Sweet Jungle
14 - Daybreak
15 - Rocking on a Heaven's Door
16 - True Midnight
17 - Song of Beach
18 - Serious Conspiracy
19 - Surprise Rush
20 - Good Morning Tian
21 - Real World
22 - The Good Old Days
23 - Yeah!
24 - A Song Called Happiness
25 - Magnolia
26 - Keep Yourself
27 - Dawn
28 - Delight
29 - Chonan Gang
30 - In Peace
31 - Success!
32 - Not Ended Fantasy (Real-GT Ver.)
Total Time:

Disc C
01 - This Tales (Japanese Server Special Ver.)
02 - Past
03 - Blue Coral
04 - Fight Master
05 - Second Run
06 - EarCatch ~We Want More~
07 - Deadly Mansion
08 - It's Not Over Yet
09 - Money Money Money
10 - Big Tick
11 - Just Climbing
12 - Laputa
13 - Night Breeze
14 - Bambooming
15 - Dive
16 - Red Eyes
17 - Celtician
18 - Sentence
19 - So Cool
20 - Arab Dealer
21 - Black Snake
22 - Chroyama
23 - Final Killer
24 - Not Ended Fantasy (Staff Ver.)
25 - Into the Divine
26 - Beyond (English Ver.)
Total Time:

Disc D
01 - We Wish Your Merry Christmas (TW Ver.)
02 - Have Yourself a Merry Christmas ~ White Leaf
03 - Feliz Navidad
04 - Bloody Bloody Silent Night
05 - Park's Life (Paku's Ver.)
06 - East Green Wind
07 - Shadow Claws
08 - Crystal Shining
09 - Tower
10 - Philaion
11 - Cursed Mansion
12 - City of Trade
13 - In Grief
14 - Gate to an Ancient Civilization
15 - Flag Tournament
16 - White Fantasia
17 - Ice Candy Tree
18 - Nymph's Allurement
19 - Wild Spirit
20 - Nocturn for Eltibo
21 - The Depth of Winter
22 - Indelight
23 - My Love
24 - That Which Exists In Order to Forget the Dreams of Yesterday
25 - Weaver Once Again
26 - Beyond (Korean Ver.)
Total Time:

About a year ago, reader Connary presented to me a rather unique review: the two-disc soundtrack to the Korean MMORPG "TalesWeaver." The soundtrack was a limited edition item printed in Korea, not available for sale through any retail outlets. We were pleased to have such a review submitted to us.

Connary raved about the quality of the review. Based on the samples I heard, I figured the album was decent, but not as good as what our reader-reviewer made it out to be.

I was wrong.

TalesWeaver has, over the last few years, become a popular MMO around the globe, and it has received a fair amount of attention in Japan. As such, Marvelous Entertainment picked up the soundtrack and released it as a retail item in Japan...but this time, the album was a whopping four discs instead of the two found on the Korean edition! The Japanese simply had to outperform everyone else yet again.

The first two discs are a replica of the Korean print, with the exception of the last track of disc two, "We Wish Your Merry Christmas," which is now featured on disc four of the Japanese album. Let's start by taking another look at these first two discs.

The first disc, the "ESTi" side, is simply excellent. Though this description categorizes all the music from TalesWeaver, it is especially true for the first disc that, just when VGM started to sound more and more like a film score, this music uses today's technology to make awesome music that is truly its own style.

Actually, it's a blend of styles. The most prominent thing about the style is the choice of sound selection. A lot of unique, wavy synths are used, and the melodies created with them simultaneously remind me of Metroid Prime, Sonic the Hedgehog, and other games with catchy synth tunes. Fast or slow, these are some excellent songs.

"Nauts," the second of the two main composers, keeps the sound's style alive on the second disc. If you liked the first disc, you'll probably love the second disc. I liked every song on this disc, but I was especially pleased by songs like "First Run" and "Real World."

Before moving on to the last two discs, I'd like to stop and point out the naming of tracks. Talk about serious Engrish problems. My favorite is "This Tales," but there are plenty to check out for yourself. Delight in the poor grammar as you enjoy the excellent music!

If the first two discs are the main course, then the last two are the dessert. Disc three is also composed primarily by Nauts, so it sounds a lot like disc two. These songs were created (I believe) after the release of the Korean OST, and are additional songs for new areas in TalesWeaver. I was a big fan of these songs, particularly the sampled tracks. The English version of "Beyond" wraps up the album; I like the Korean version more, but all-in-all it's a great ballad.

Disc four is the most disappointing of the lot. This is where all the other composers show up, and in my opinion, their songs are subpar compared to ESTi and Nauts. The best stuff is on the first half of the disc, which is all work from Nikacha. JIMMie uses this synth string sound ad nauseum: it's no good.

Oh, actually, I forgot to mention the Christmas music! Okay, this section is ridiculous. The first three tracks are just some standard instrumental arrangements from ESTi and Nauts. And then, track four, "Bloody Bloody Silent Night"...what?! The song is a genuine song about the innocent infant baby Jesus, but now it's like a scary Halloween tune. Totally inappropriate.

Even though the last disc is the weakest among the four, it in and of itself is still a decent selection of music. That speaks volumes about the album as a whole.

If you like music in the same vein as the Ragnarok Online OST, or (as I said earlier) ethereal music from Metroid Prime or Sonic the Hedgehog, this album is an excellent, albeit pricey, choice. This Ur Tales, I Make U Tha Weaver...?

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann