Technosoft Game Music Collection Vol.11 -Expedition-

[back cover]
Catalog Number: TCS-0011
Released On: January 1998
Composed By: Hyakutarou Tsukumo, Yunkeru "TEKTEK" Matai, Yasuhito Watanabe
Arranged By: Hyakutarou Tsukumo, Yunkeru "TEKTEK" Matai, Yasuhito Watanabe
Published By: Technosoft
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

Leading RPG Neorude2 Original CD-DA SoundTrack
01 - New Journey Course ~ Neorude 2 Main Theme - Title
02 - 50 Years Ago - Prologue
03 - Flying Land-Ship - Ship
04 - Step & Walk ~ The World you Run - World Map
05 - A Busy Street Corner - Rest Plaza - Town Theme
06 - How About a Drink? - Bar
07 - Time Flies.. - Recollection (1)
08 - Under Sunbeams - Dungeon Outdoors
09 - The People who Fight - Battle Theme
10 - Winner - Victory Theme
11 - Here is a good Dungeon?! - Sanctuary of Floating Island (1)
12 - Ensemble Engine - Battle Theme (Vs. Azzam)
13 - Silence and the Girl - Sanctuary of Floating Island (2)
14 - Sword of 19800 Golda - "Kuritto" Armorer's
15 - Gimic Tower - Chaos Tower (1)
16 - The Black Warrior - Theme of Laguna Reck
17 - Magical Tune - Magical House "Fumble"
18 - Well, Take Off your Shoes - Mechanical Mansion (1)
19 - Music starts! - Introduction Medley
20 - The Well of Darkness and Pure White - Mechanical Mansion (2)
21 - Family - Residence Ward
22 - Miner - Smoking Mountain Mine (1)
23 - The Legendary Beast Spirit - Battle Vs. Summoned Animal
24 - Volcano Hazard - Smoking Mountain Mine (2)
25 - Lalalala! - Level up
26 - Peace of Memory ~ Ballad version - Theme of Shiiru
Total Time:

Technosoft had published a number of arcade-friendly games before they called it quits, including the well-known ThunderForce series. However, they also dabbled into the realm of RPGs with their "Neorude" series. They self-published fifteen soundtracks during their time in business; the first ten are still relatively easy to find. Volumes 11 through 15 are so hard to find, hardly anyone knows anything about them.

This is Volume 11, "Expedition," encompassing half of the OST for Neorude 2. Volume 9, "Voyage," was the entire OST for the first Neorude, and it is a soundtrack that I showered with praises. For all its obscurity, I had hoped that Neorude 2 would impress me even more. However, I was sorely let down, especially with this first half.

Though the same composers have returned, it is my opinion that the quality of the songs was sacrificed in favor of quantity. I mean this in many ways. First, the OST is split into the two discs released separately. Secondly, each song is triple-looped. So, while you get plenty of chance to enjoy each song, there isn't much to enjoy.

The music is all recorded through a specific type of synth that has some impressive sounds and some less impressive sounds. The piano and some woodwinds sound great, usually, but the rest aren't very impressive.

As for the compositions, there aren't many to brag about. Most of the dungeon music is subpar, and there aren't many good battle songs on this disc. The main theme is not as fun and exciting as the original (from the first Neorude). The samples chosen were the most impressive songs I could find on the disc. Again, this is all opinion, but I was more impressed with the first Neorude's score.

It's good to know of this album's existence, but only the craziest of soundtrack hunters would spring what I'd assume to be an enormous price for it. Its value lies more in its obscurity than the actual music on it, which is a shame.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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