Technosoft Game Music Collection Vol.12 -Discovery-
Catalog Number: TCS-0012
Released On: January 1998
Composed By: Hyakutarou Tsukumo, Yunkeru "TEKTEK" Matai, Yasuhito Watanabe
Arranged By: Hyakutarou Tsukumo, Yunkeru "TEKTEK" Matai, Yasuhito Watanabe
Published By: Technosoft
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

Leading RPG Neorude2 Original CD-DA SoundTrack
01 - Prelude of Neorude - Opening Demo
02 - The Journey of the Person who was Destined to Depart - Unused
03 - Ground of White Ice - Sea of Snowstorm (1)
04 - White Breath - Sea of Snowstorm (2)
05 - The Black Hunter - Scene Demo (1)
06 - The Boy from the Opposite Alley - West Street - East Street
07 - What a Good Atmosphere ~ Main Theme Bossa Nova Version - Unused
08 - Dimensional Corridor - Concealment Dungeon
09 - Treasure, Treasure... - Item Acquisition
10 - Chaos Tower - Chaos Tower (2)
11 - Seal -seal- - Scene Demo (2)
12 - Bloody Angel - Battle Vs. Red Angel
13 - Let's Stand Up and Go - Unused
14 - To Abyss - Scene Demo (3)
15 - Courage and Desire - Abyss Fortress (1)
16 - Darkness Blue - Abyss Fortress (2)
17 - Fragment of Memory - Recollection (2)
18 - The Wriggling One - Abyss Fortress (3)
19 - Dance of Black - Battle Vs. Laguna Reck
20 - Tomorrow of Promise - Last Battle
21 - Everyone's Voice was Heard ~ Main Theme Music Box Version - Unused
22 - Adventure Road - Unused
23 - Peace of Memory - Staff Roll
24 - Welcome Back Home ~ Main Theme Acoustic Version - Ending
Total Time:

Technosoft had published a number of arcade-friendly games before they called it quits, including the well-known ThunderForce series. However, they also dabbled into the realm of RPGs with their "Neorude" series. They self-published fifteen soundtracks during their time in business; the first ten are still relatively easy to find. Volumes 11 through 15 are so hard to find, hardly anyone knows anything about them.

Volume 12, "Discovery," is the second half of the two-disc soundtrack to Neorude 2. Though I still argue that the quality of the Neorude 2 soundtrack pales in comparison to its predecessor, there is also no doubt in my mind that the best compositions are found on this disc.

For example, this disc has plenty of battle themes, and most of them are only slightly less inspired than those from the first Neorude. Particularly, the last battle and the "Bloody Angel" battle themes were real highlights for me.

I was also pleased with most of the "Unused" tracks from Technosoft's obscure RPG sequel. "Adventure Road" was an especially pleasing track that would have suited fine as an alternate end credits piece.

As with most other themes, the many dungeon-based tunes on this disc scored many more quality-points than Volume 11. It's typical that music for a snowy or icy area in a videogame is tranquil but somewhat enigmatic. The composers did a great job conveying this mood in tracks 3 and 4.

Due to the availability of this album (practically non-existent on American and Japanese radars), you're not missing much. If you want the Neorude experience, I strongly recommend Technosoft Vol. 9, the soundtrack for the first Neorude. This one, through some miracle, is still available (as of September 2006) at Gamemusic.com. And, should you find this album for a cheap price at some used store: buy it. You'll probably make a killing on it.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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