Doctor Trainee Tendo Dokuta OST

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Catalog Number: SCDC-00424
Released On: March 24, 2005
Composed By: Yusuke Beppu, Shigenori Mashiko
Arranged By: N/A
Published By: Scitron Discs
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD
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Original Version
01 - Title Theme (DS Ver.)
02 - The Usual Hospital (Common) (DS Ver.)
03 - Emergency Situation (Tension) (DS Ver.)
04 - Painful (DS Ver.)
05 - Surgery 1 (DS Ver.)
06 - Surgery 2 (Pinch) (DS Ver.)
07 - Calm (Reflection) (DS Ver.)
08 - Love Theme (DS Ver.)
09 - Game Over (DS Ver.)
10 - The Usual Hospital (Common 2) (DS Ver.)
11 - Before Surgery (DS Ver.)
12 - Ending Theme (DS Ver.)
13 - Prof. Sawai's Theme (DS Ver.)
14 - Persuasion Scene Theme (DS Ver.)
15 - Persuation Scene Theme (After a Breather) (DS Ver.)
16 - Hoo, I'm Beat. But, It's All Good. (DS Ver.)
17 - The Shock of Reality (DS Ver.)
18 - Third Night Shift Room (DS Ver.)
19 - Noisy (DS Ver.)
20 - First Aid (Battlefield) (DS Ver.)
21 - Inner Conflict Theme (DS Ver.)
22 - SE SOUND (DS Ver.)
Synth Version
23 - Title Theme (SYNTHE Ver.)
24 - The Usual Hospital (Common) (SYNTHE Ver.)
25 - Emergency Situation (Tension) (SYNTHE Ver.)
26 - Painful (SYNTHE Ver.)
27 - Surgery 1 (SYNTHE Ver.)
28 - Surgery 2 (Pinch) (SYNTHE Ver.)
29 - Calm (Reflection) (SYNTHE Ver.)
30 - Love Theme (SYNTHE Ver.)
31 - Game Over (SYNTHE Ver.)
32 - The Usual Hospital (Common 2) (SYNTHE Ver.)
33 - Before Surgery (SYNTHE Ver.)
34 - Ending Theme (SYNTHE Ver.)
35 - Prof. Sawai's Theme (SYNTHE Ver.)
36 - Persuasion Scene Theme (SYNTHE Ver.)
37 - Persuation Scene Theme (After a Breather) (SYNTHE Ver.)
38 - Hoo, I'm Beat. But, It's All Good. (SYNTHE Ver.)
39 - The Shock of Reality (SYNTHE Ver.)
40 - Third Night Shift Room (SYNTHE Ver.)
41 - Noisy (SYNTHE Ver.)
42 - First Aid (Battlefield) (SYNTHE Ver.)
43 - Inner Conflict Theme (SYNTHE Ver.)
Arrange Version
44 - Title Theme (Arrange Ver.)
45 - The Usual Hospital (Common) (Arrange Ver.)
46 - The Usual Hospital (Common 2) (Arrange Ver.)
47 - Calm (Reflection) (Arrange Ver.)
48 - Persuasion Scene Theme (Arrange Ver.)
49 - Inner Conflict Theme (Arrange Ver.)
50 - Bonus Track 1
51 - Bonus Track 2
Total Time:

Tendo Dokuta is certainly not a well known video game franchise, at least not in the US. Tendo Dokuta 2 was released in the US under the name "Lifesigns: Surgical Unit" but was not a critical or commercial success. I quite liked the game because it could best be described as Phoenix Wright in a hospital. It was a visual novel, first and foremost, which is why I liked it and many other critics did not. My experience with that game is the reason why I'm reviewing the soundtrack to the first Tendo Dokuta game. I did not get to play that game, but there were very few tracks that really stood out to me as any different melodically or thematically to similar themes in Tendo Dokuta 2/Lifesigns: Surgical Unit. I found the MIDI-based music in the latter game to be rather forgettable and the music here is the same forgettable fare as well. Most of the tracks could be interchangeable between the games and players would not perceive the difference.

Tendo Dokuta, like its sequel, does not contain a large number of musical tracks. Therefore, the OST here has every track as it sounds on the DS as well as upgraded synth versions of every track. There are also a few arranged tracks, a couple of bonus tracks, and a track featuring every sound effect in the game. Therefore, this is the definitive all-inclusive soundtrack.

As expected, the DS sound source tracks sound the worst of the lot. They often sounded tinny to me with some instrumentation being annoyingly shrill. The synth tracks were much more pleasant to listen to. The few arranged and bonus tracks were easily the most dynamic pieces in this soundtrack, but I still found them bland. Overall the music presented on this soundtrack was forgettable. The one standout track was the opening theme, which was annoyingly peppier than the opening theme of Lifesigns: Surgical Unit/Tendo Dokuta 2. I'm sure the game is fun (I liked Lifesigns), but the soundtrack by itself is blander than hospital food.

Reviewed by: Neal Chandran