Tengai Makyou - Fuuun! Kabuki Den OST
Catalog Number: NACL-1113
Released On: July 21, 1993
Composed By: Kouhei Tanaka
Arranged By: Kouhei Tanaka, Masami Kishimura
Published By: NEC Avenue
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD

01 - Main Title
02 - Masked Young Noble
03 - Yakumo Tatsu
04 - Push Mt. Fuji
05 - Go to the Capital!
06 - Ride the Rinkyo!
07 - Sever the Enemy!!
08 - The Great Voyage
09 - Golden CANVIE
10 - Full Moon UNGIE
11 - Millenium CARNE
12 - Eternal SANGUE
13 - Devil Gahpu
14 - Forest, Move
15 - Devil!!
16 - Triumphal Performance
17 - Devil, Revival
18 - Purifying Dance
19 - Reminiscence
Total Time:

"Fuuun! Kabuki Den" is a side-story title to Tengai Makyou II. With music composed by Kouhei Tanaka (who later went on to score all things Sakura Taisen), this "original soundtrack" is actually a fully orchestrated album. The only problem with it, besides this misnomer, is the disc length: only 35 minutes! I wanted 70 minutes of this stuff, because it was truly fantastic.

Along with the stunning opening "Main Theme" (the melody of which appears multiple times on the album), Tanaka's score includes five vocal albums. They are the four from CANVIE to SANGUE (appearing on the Perfect Graffiti album in instrumental form), as well as "Devil Gahpu." The vocal tracks are actually some of the less impressive ones on the album, particularly because they attempt to be funny, showing the characters' quirks.

As a whole, Tanaka continues to do what he does best, blending the traditional Asian instruments with a sweeping, engrossing, and fast-paced orchestra. The wonder and joy of life is most definitely expressed through these songs, perhaps moreso here than any of the other orchestral tunes from the Tengai Makyou series.

Unfortunately, this album may be the rarest of all Tengai Makyou CDs to date. I won't even speculate as to one's chances of finding the album through conventional means. Enjoy the samples for now, and support Hudson in any future endeavors to bring this unique series and its music to our side of the Pacific.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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