Tales of Destiny2 OST

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Catalog Number: SSCX-10074~7
Released On: December 18, 2002
Composed By: Motoi Sakuraba, Shinji Tamura
Arranged By: Motoi Sakuraba, Shinji Tamura
Published By: DigiCube
Recorded At: Bernie Grundman Mastering
Format: 4 CDs
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Disc One
01 - Tales of Destiny2
02 - Kyle
03 - Breeze
04 - Rutee
05 - Step to Tomorrow
06 - Theme of Battle
07 - Festina Lente
08 - A Nightmare
09 - Whisper of Silence
10 - Reala
11 - Under the Ground
12 - Cold Rain
13 - Disce Gaudere
14 - Through the Valley
15 - Sacred Capital
16 - Veni Vidi Vici
17 - Elraine
18 - Mysterious Night
19 - Ancient Relics
20 - Philia
21 - Confrontation
22 - The Dreadnought
23 - Barbatos
24 - Coup de Grace
25 - Dum Fata Sinunt Vivite Laeti
26 - The Rhythm of a Southern Island
27 - Invitation to the Sea
28 - Sea Trip
29 - The Crisis
30 - Miraculous Power
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - A Peaceful Day
02 - Step to Tomorrow-Mist
03 - Talk of Rocks
04 - Silent Dreams
05 - Stone Paved Road
06 - Battle Field
07 - A Resolution
08 - The Abolished Mine
09 - Hello Again
10 - A Snowscape
11 - White Kingdom
12 - Elraine-Belief
13 - Sacred Capital - Future
14 - Ceremony
15 - Kyle-Belief
16 - Step to Tomorrow - Future
17 - The Lonely Rhythm
18 - Theme of Battle - Future
19 - Heat River
20 - Hope Town
21 - A Ra?
22 - Strange Fear
23 - Holy Place
24 - Fortuna Shrine
25 - Fortuna
26 - Eternal Paradise
27 - Wilderness
28 - Break Into Fragments
Total Time:

Disc Three
01 - Breeze-Dreaming
02 - Hope Town-Dreaming
03 - Lion-Fate Repeated
04 - Sadness
05 - The Jungle
06 - Utopia
07 - Sacred Judgment
08 - Hurry Up!
09 - Infinite Corridor
10 - To an Endless Sky
11 - Zealot
12 - The Meaning of Living
13 - The World of War Fire
14 - Alea Jacta Est
15 - Strategy Meeting
16 - Radisrol
17 - Everlasting Fame
18 - Count Down
19 - Dead or Alive-Past
20 - Light and Darkness
21 - Warm Love
22 - Decisive Battle
23 - Research Institute
24 - Swordian Team
25 - Crooked Sight
26 - Timeline
27 - Philia-Reminiscence
Total Time:

Disc Four
01 - Rutee-Tender Affection
02 - Dead or Alive
03 - Missing You
04 - The Narrow World
05 - The Narrow World-Mist
06 - The Decision to the Future-Mist
07 - Little by Little
08 - Foreign Country
09 - The Decision to the Future
10 - Past Fame
11 - Dazzling Darkness
12 - A Certain Fine Day
13 - Dona Nobis Pacem
14 - My Decision, the Future, and...
15 - The Place of a Conclusion
16 - Wheel of Fortune
17 - Wheel of Fortune-Last Judgment
18 - The Premonition of Death
19 - See You. Someday. Somewhere
20 - Water's Memory
21 - Viva Memor Mortis
22 - Jingle Medley (Recess~Get Item~Get Title~Get Recipe~Congratulations!)
23 - Game Over
24 - Yea!
25 - Depend on Wings
26 - Bishi Bashi Hatarake!
27 - Table Game
28 - Workers
29 - Mappy Medley
Total Time:

[back cover]
Removing the paper sleeve ever-so-gently reveals this glassy blue cover. Oooh!! Ahhh!!

NOTE: Thanks to Namco USA making the single-most idiotic name-changing decision ever, you may be reading the wrong review. If you want a review for the American release of a game called "Tales of Destiny 2" for PlayStation, you'll want to head over to the Tales of Eternia review. Tales of Eternia is the name of the game as it was released in Japan: It was given the name "Tales of Destiny 2" in America to tie the two together, but the "Tales of..." games are essentially cousins. This is the soundtrack for Tales of Destiny's direct sequel, released for PlayStation 2, and never brought to America.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Sakuraba has a whole different dynamic when working on music for a "Tales" game. I assume it has to do with the role Mr. Shinji Tamura plays in the music-making process...but anyone will tell you that Sakuraba's work in Star Ocean or Valkyrie Profile sound incredibly different from Tales music. While most battle music still has that 80s power-synth feel to it, the rest of the game's music has a lighter, more uplifting atmosphere about it.

And that being said about music for EVERY "Tales" game, I'm coming out and saying it -- Tales of Destiny2 (as the cover art shows, an odd lack of spacing between the title and the number) has the best music in the overarching series to date. Mind you that as of the time this review was written, I have yet to hear Tales of Symphonia...but I really don't think anything can beat an OST as remarkable as this. Let us now consider why:

First of all, this OST, while having approximately the same number of songs as previous Tales OSTs, has been broken up into four discs...allowing for each track to be looped. Compare this OST to the first Tales of Destiny OST or Tales of Eternia OST, and you'll see that the tracks per disc are cut in half here to allow each track to play longer. Most people would consider this a good thing.

Second, the ToD2 OST has repeated tracks from ToD's OST, now upped in quality for PS2. One of my favorite Tales songs, "Crooked Sight" (3-25), goes from the first game's intro to a place much later in the second game. Other songs, including character themes, are re-done to make the nostalgic connection desired by most any Tales fan.

Third, the battle/action themes are even more "hard" and fun than previous battle themes, to my recollection. As an example, check out disc 2 track 7, "A Resolution". Can anyone else say "wee-ha"? That's some good stuff right there. Standard Sakuraba power-synth band work. I'm almost willing to say "who needs an arranged album?" (as we obviously won't get one for a Tales game...a tradition I wish would change). Wowie-zowie, this is some exciting stuff.

Finally, while this may not mean much to many of you, the packaging to this OST is brilliant. Unlike previous Tales OSTs, all of the desired information is there, including a complete tracklist in English. The artwork is wonderful, and the paper sleeve was a nice added touch.

This soundtrack left me with two strong feelings: desire and indignation. I desire to play this game. I am indignant with Namco USA for not bringing this game to America. Of all the Tales games to NOT bring to America, so far they have not given us what I consider the two best in the series (Phantasia, Destiny2). I have to ask, what are they thinking? Until I learn Japanese, I suppose I'll be stuck with memories of great music that has no game to go with it. Shame, shame, shame on you, Namco USA. At least I don't need to know Japanese to enjoy this fine soundtrack.

If you're unfamiliar with Sakuraba, this soundtrack might be a good place to start. But, chances are you've heard plenty of Sakuraba, and maybe you're tired of him. Despite the "same old same old" reputation he has, this soundtrack contains a bit of freshness that might be right up your alley. Shinji Tamura, however he incorporates his talents into the game's music, makes a significant difference in how the music turns out. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending that you add this one to your VGM collection, if you have the money to go for it.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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