Soundtrack Tales of Destiny
Catalog Number: MACM-1093
Released On: March 11, 2000
Composed By: Motoi Sakuraba, Shinji Tamura
Arranged By: Daisuke Ikeda (1-01)
Published By: MOVIC
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 2 CDs
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Disc One
01 - Like a Dream
02 - Tales of Destiny
03 - Crooked Sight
04 - The Storm and Stress
05 - Mysterious Night
06 - Bare its Fangs
07 - White Labyrinth
08 - I Feel So Happy Today
09 - A Snowscape
10 - Surprise Attack!
11 - The Remains
12 - Nightmare
13 - Will You Dance With Me?
14 - Unfinished World
15 - Green Hill
16 - Lion-Irony of Fate
17 - Conceal One's Sorrow
18 - Solemn Castle
19 - A Kingdom
20 - Silent Night
21 - A Sanctuary
22 - The Laughter of Children
23 - Port Town
24 - Go on a Cruise
25 - A Submarine Remains
26 - Passion
27 - Lime Light Night
28 - A Happy Home
29 - Invisible Hand
30 - Relentless Assault
31 - I'm a Champion!
32 - Thanks a Million
33 - A Limestone Cave
34 - A Caged Life
35 - Imposing Visage
36 - Despair
37 - It's Pure Fiction
38 - Blue Dragon
39 - Naval Forces
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Hello Again
02 - Ancestral Recall
03 - Cry for the Moon
04 - Clock Tower
05 - Sick Into Vise
06 - Over the Rainbow
07 - Fatalism
08 - Memory "Yume de Aruyouni"
09 - White Kingdom
10 - Wonder Boy-Who Are You?
11 - Good Luck!
12 - A Peaceful Day
13 - Dead Factory
14 - Belcrant
15 - Preview Edition
16 - Aerial City
17 - A Reinforced Concrete
18 - A Botanical Garden
19 - A Research Scholar
20 - Heat Wave
21 - Missing You
22 - Rush!
23 - Perfidious Act
24 - Game Over
25 - Walking to Tomorrow
26 - Fill of Fire
27 - Dead or Alive
28 - Rebel Against Destiny
29 - Leaving for the Future
30 - Endless Dream
31 - Fin
32 - Water Garden
33 - Puppy Love
34 - Victory!
35 - Happy Come Come
36 - Day Break
37 - Level Up!
Total Time:

Tales of Destiny, the sequel to Tales of Phantasia, carries over its original composer and throws in a second one to mix things up a bit. And boy, does it mix things up! When listening to this soundtrack, one asks themself "is this Sakuraba's style?"...If the answer is a definite "NO!", chances are you're hearing a track done by the other guy. However, there's some stuff in here that is definite Sakuraba material. The title track "Tales of Destiny" is one such example.

This soundtrack was printed, as you can see, years after the game's release in Japan...Something that Namco also did with Tales of Phantasia. Before buying this, I personally asked "Hey...You own the game, and there's a sound test on there...Why buy the OST?" Luckily, I ignored that notion and bought it. The main difference is definitely the quality of music you hear. There is a DEFINITE difference in quality, the better being on the soundtrack, of course. A whole new set of instruments may be found in one track that you never heard in the game, and it makes that track sound darn good! However, this can work inversely too...There are tracks I prefer hearing on the PSX rather than on this CD, though they may be few.

The packaging to this soundtrack is ENTIRELY TOO SIMPLISTIC...I was hoping for something fancy. I suppose I'd have to buy the Drama CD set for that though. :( ...

As for the music itself, I REALLY enjoy Tales of Destiny's tracks. I liked the game itself for many reasons, but the soundtrack was really, really cool! I normally don't like Sakuraba's upbeat tracks (call me a hypocrite to VGM fan-ness...) but I really like the upbeat tracks on this thing! I have always been known to like soundtracks with multiple composers though...It adds to variety while keeping a similar sound due to synth constraints.

The Tales of Destiny OST is quite easy to find. Anime Nation lists it, though they don't always have it in stock. I got my copy at CD Japan for about $34 before S&H. Rather than these two, you could just check out the buttons above for GMO or Otaku. This soundtrack has quickly become a favorite in my home CD player, I suggest you pick it up if you're a Sakuraba fan or just want to remember the good ol' times playing ToD!

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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