Tales of Destiny OST

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Catalog Number: KICA-1436~9
Released On: May 23, 2007
Composed By: Motoi Sakuraba, Shinji Tamura, DEEN (4-21)
Arranged By: Motoi Sakuraba
Published By: King Records
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 4 CDs
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Disc One
01 - Tales of Destiny
02 - The storm and stress
03 - State of emergency
04 - Holy light
05 - Bare its fangs
06 - Stahn and Dymlos' Agreement A
07 - Stahn and Dymlos' Agreement B
08 - Rest day
09 - White labyrinth
10 - I feel so happy today
11 - A snowscape
12 - Will you dance with me?
13 - The remains
14 - A sanctuary
15 - Trickster
16 - The frequenter
17 - Unfinished world
18 - Green hill
19 - Belcrant
20 - Nightmare
21 - Victory!
22 - Tutorial
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Solemn castle
02 - Idle fears
03 - A kingdom
04 - Silent night
05 - The laughter of children
06 - Cry for the moon
07 - Go on a cruise
08 - Sea Dragon Appearance
09 - Unsophisticated
10 - Riding the Sea Dragon to Radisrol
11 - A submarine remains
12 - Riding the Sea Dragon to the Ship
13 - Passion
14 - Port town
15 - Lime light night
16 - Colosseum
17 - I'm a champion!
18 - Invisible hand
19 - A caged life
20 - A limestone cave
21 - Imposing visage
22 - Relentless assault
23 - Thanks a million
24 - It's pure fiction
25 - Blue dragon
26 - Flying Dragon Departure
27 - Ancestral recall
28 - Play with me!
29 - RALLY X
30 - DokiDoki Chelsea
31 - Step up
32 - Invincible champion
33 - For good or for bad...
Total Time:

Disc Three
01 - Clock tower
02 - Menace of the God's Eye
03 - Sink into vise
04 - Good luck!
05 - A peaceful day
06 - Surprise attack!
07 - Hello again
08 - White kingdom
09 - Mysterious night
10 - Dead factory
11 - Crown of crosses
12 - Lion-Irony of fate
13 - Lion-Conflict
14 - Lion's End
15 - Shell Completion ~ First Stage
16 - Flying Dragon Falling
17 - Crooked sight
18 - Despair
19 - Swordian team
20 - Shell Completion ~ Second Stage
21 - Radisrol Attacked by the Guardian Dragon
22 - Guardian Dragon Disintegrates in the Sky
23 - Aerial city
24 - A botanical garden
25 - Conceal one's sorrow
26 - A research scholar
27 - A reinforced concrete
28 - Shell Completion ~ Third Stage
29 - The arrow was shot-piano
30 - Deep darkness
31 - Coup De Grâce
32 - Game over
Total Time:

Disc Four
01 - Justice and an edge
02 - Breaking Into Belcrant
03 - Rush!
04 - Perfidious act
05 - Miktran
06 - Shell Completion ~ Fourth Stage
07 - Over the rainbow A
08 - Fill of fire
09 - Common destiny
10 - Rest of the heart
11 - Lens Cannon Firing
12 - The last Judgement
13 - Progresses toward the end
14 - Over the rainbow B
15 - Shell Completion ~ Dycroft Discovery
16 - Dead or alive
17 - Rebel against destiny
18 - Missing you
19 - Destruction of the God's Eye
20 - Endless dream
Total Time:

Tales of Destiny was one of my personal favorite RPGs of the Playstation One era. It was a rollicking adventure with likeable characters, loads of charm, fun fast-paced gameplay, and a soundtrack with potential. When I heard the music in the game, I liked the often fast-paced compositions that matched the never-gets-boring pace of the game. However, the quality of the MIDI synth in the game was not the greatest. I wished that the game had used a more advanced sound format to really bring out the quality of the compositions.

Enter 2006 when a remake of Tales of Destiny was crafted for the Japanese Playstation 2 with a Director's Cut slated for 2008 release. This remake features updated 3D graphics, an upgrade to the battle system, increased challenge, enhancements to the storyline, and most importantly, a much needed upgrade to the music. The quality of the sound here was just so much clearer with more audible variation in the instrumentation than in the original Playstation One game. Some pieces were upgrades of the original compositions while others received additions.

When I first turned on the soundtrack, I was struck by the omission of any introductory vocal songs. The original release of the game had a song by the J-Rock band DEEN. On the other hand, there are unexpected additions to the soundtrack, such as piano version of The Arrow Was Shot, the battle theme from Tales of the Abyss. I really like that battle theme, but I think it works better as a synth and guitar piece than a pure piano piece. There are also other new in-game pieces for the remake that I did not recognize from the original.

Motoi Sakuraba and Shinji Tamura are the composers on this soundtrack. The Motoi Sakuraba tracks are easily recognizable as they are in Sakuraba's signature style and often sound like Sakuraba tracks found in other games he's scored. I'm not the world's biggest Sakuraba fan, so I am glad he shared compositional duties with someone else. I enjoyed this soundtrack far more than any Sakuraba's composed on his own. The tracks that are clearly do not sound like Sakuraba's style are the tracks by Shinji Tamura. Tales of Destiny is a fast paced game so the majority of tracks are fast paced. The soundtrack never gets boring to listen to. There are a few slower emotional pieces such as Cry for the Moon and the title theme, but the wide variety of dungeon and battle themes are fast paced. Some themes such as Lion- Irony of Fate sound like enhanced versions of the original, others like Bare its Fangs possess multiple versions and arrangements within the soundtrack. Location themes evoke the mood and feel of their locations, which is terrific since the towns (among other locations) are often large and great fun to explore in the game.

While I personally loved this new revamped Tales of Destiny soundtrack, some people preferred the sound of the PlayStation original. That one certainly has its charm and some of the songs sound fuller in their original form. In any case, the improved synth quality and added depth to the arrangements befit the amount of work, effort, changes, and upgrades made to this Tales of Destiny remake. The chances of the game reaching US shores may be slim but fans of the original Tales of Destiny may want to check out this soundtrack just to hear fresh arrangements of the music they love in the game.

Reviewed by: Neal Chandran


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