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Tales of Hearts OST

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Catalog Number: BVCR-14044/5
Released On: December 10, 2008
Composed By: Motoi Sakuraba, Hibiki Aoyama, Hiroshi Tamura
Arranged By: Motoi Sakuraba
Published By: BMG Japan
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 2 CDs
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Disc One
01 - Eternal Tomorrow (Tales of Hearts Version)
03 - Thundering Hegira
04 - Flee ~ Escaping the Forest
05 - Jaws of Death
06 - Fearsome Pursuer
07 - Incarose the Sorcerer
08 - Two Moons
09 - Oath to the Moon
10 - Radiance of the Spirune
11 - Overflowing Nightmare
12 - Warmly Hometown
13 - Present World
14 - Pinch After Pinch
15 - Mysterious Arms Soma
16 - Hoist the Soma!
17 - The Suddenly Changing World
18 - Spirmaze -Sorrow-
19 - Zerom Appears
20 - Link Out
21 - Spirune, Like a Flower......
22 - Town ~ Lives of People
23 - Into the Bottom of Darkness
24 - Eyes Staring at the Truth
25 - Valleia Crystal Knights
26 - Boisterous Plaza
27 - Spirmaze -Anger-
28 - Put Hopes Into Spiria!
29 - Endless Journey
30 - Unbroken Sword
31 - Spiria Disappears
32 - Unforgettable Memories
33 - To the Still Unseen Land
34 - enjoy life
35 - Mysterious Being, Windam
36 - Fear To The Unknown
37 - Fly! Anti-Air!!
38 - The Global Imperial Capital, Estrega
39 - Glory of the Imperial Army
40 - World Filled with Sorrow
41 - Found! Mysterious Town
42 - Let's Challenge!!
43 - Space of Important Thoughts, Helwells
44 - Exceed the Limit
45 - VS Proto Zerom
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Everyday is a Carnival
02 - Gather, Warriors!!
03 - The Shown Courage
04 - Strayless Runaway
05 - Who Are You Fighting For?
06 - Lovely Pransoule
07 - Erosion of the Imperial Castle
08 - Richea's Lullaby
09 - Scarlet-haired Devil
10 - Approaching Sorceress
11 - It Appears! [The Thorny Forest]
12 - Activate, Soma Link!!
13 - Spirmaze -Happiness-
14 - Village of the Barrier
15 - Beginning of the End
16 - Bonded Wings, Lienheit
17 - Mobile Crystal Castle, Sandrion
18 - Restless Spiria
19 - To the White World
20 - Crystal World ~Quartia~
21 - [Whitened City]
22 - Tower of Nothingness
23 - Hearts to Hearts
24 - Fly, to the Place of Showdown!!
25 - Pulse of Gardenia
26 - Infinite Darkness
27 - Glitter! Like a Star
28 - Creed Graphite
29 - Spiria of the Stars
30 - Sleeping Princess of [The Thorny Forest]
31 - Eternal Tomorrow (Ending Version)
Total Time:

The third Tales title to hit the DS, which actually came in two different versions (you could buy the "CG movie" or "anime movie" version separately in Japan), Tales of Hearts brings back some of the classic sounds of the series, but the synth is forced into a level of compression that may displease VGM fans.

The first thing to come back is DEEN, the vocalist who performed the original "Tales of Destiny" theme over a decade ago. "Eternal Tomorrow" is a great opening single, if only because DEEN's smooth voice makes him one of the best male J-pop performers out there.

Next up, the battle themes from Motoi Sakuraba are spot-on. These battle tracks sounded really oldschool, like Destiny or Phantasia. I genuinely enjoyed these tracks.

The rest of the album, featuring music from Sakuraba and other (newer) members of the Tales audio team, doesn't shine quite as bright as the vocal track and the battle themes. But if you take a listen to the audio samples, you will immediately notice that they are also comparable to the earlier Tales soundtracks. This slight change in style (going back to Phantasia/Destiny sounds instead of sticking with the Abyss/Vesperia soundscape) really stunned me. It's a subtle difference, but one that ultimately made me appreciate the soundtrack more.

Between Tempest, Innocence, and Hearts, I am confident in my choice: Tales of Hearts OST is the best DS-based soundtrack in the Tales series thus far. Even so, it's still a much weaker soundtrack than most any console-based Tales soundtrack, primarily due to the hardware limitations. Keep that if you're contemplating a purchase of this soundtrack.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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