Tales of Innocence OST Another Innocence
Catalog Number: VTCL-60013
Released On: December 19, 2007
Composed By: Kazuhiro Nakamura, KOKIA
Arranged By: Taisuke Sawachika
Published By: Victor Entertainment
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 1 CD
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01 - Follow the Nightingale (Game Edit Version)
02 - The End of a Nightmare, But Still in the Middle of a Dream
03 - Creation of Heaven and Earth
04 - Breaking Through the Encirclement
05 - The Scene of the Rocking Chair and the Cat
06 - Path Which the Wheel Track Continues
07 - This Advancement Will Not Be Stopped
08 - Break Through with the Sword
09 - The Captives
10 - Death Approaches from Behind
11 - At the Knee of the Saint
12 - Chantey of the Iron Rust
13 - Break the Sword to Pieces
14 - Picnic in the Cloudy Weather
15 - Memory of the Music Box
16 - The Waterdrop Drills Through Time
17 - The March of the Departing Shipmen
18 - Reverse White Waves
19 - Investigation of Vicissitude
20 - Gaze Upon the Crimson
21 - Cross Over the Crimson Lotus
22 - ...have a good rest time
23 - Welcome to the Jungle
24 - Peer Into the Abyss
25 - On the Desert Island
26 - Releasing the Sword From Here On
27 - Ideal Weather for a Walk
28 - Tears of the Perplexed Souls
29 - The Undeniable Truth
30 - The Smell of Gunpowder on the Hill
31 - Discord of Heaven and Earth
32 - Snow Begins to Fall Outside the Window
33 - Ruler of the Silver Ridge
34 - Silver Fox's Dream of Digging Coal in the North
35 - Into the Blue Sky
36 - Sky Fantasia
37 - Impending Sadness
38 - The Wind Blows, The Earth Embraces My Body
39 - Hymn for the God of Creation
40 - Approaching the Summit
41 - Before the Demise
42 - say goodbye & good day (Game Edit Version)
Total Time:

Namco Bandai has pushed the Tales series so hard, that the time has finally come that Motoi Sakuraba can't compose for all of the planned releases. While he is still quite active with his partner-in-crime Shinji Tamura, the soundtrack for Tales of Innocence was composed by Kazuhiro Nakamura (not to be confused with the martial arts fighter of the same name). Nakamura is relatively new to the scene, but he does a decent job, particularly for a DS soundtrack.

One track that really impressed me was the battle theme, "Break Through with the Sword." It is not at all in the same vein as a Sakuraba track, as it focuses primarily on upper-octave instruments: no frantic bass lines to be found here. If anything, I am reminded of Noriyuki Iwadare's battle themes.

There are times, however, that Nakamura manages to capture the sound that Tamura and Sakuraba are so famous for. Track 16 does the whole "religious cathedral, serene but majestic" thing perfectly (I'm thinking of Star Ocean 2's "Sacred Song" as a reference point). But Nakamura doesn't have the Sakuraba-rock down. And don't be confused when you see "Welcome to the Jungle" on here...it is in no way a reference to Guns 'n Roses, and it doesn't sound anything like Slash. It's more of an island-music track.

The soundtrack is solid, but there are definitely those tracks that stand out, and other tracks that simply aren't worth your time. Sadly, I think that the best tracks on the OST still go to KOKIA's beautiful vocal tracks, and we got the "in-game" (read: shorter) edits on this OST. So the opening/ending single for Tales of Innocence is at least as worthwhile a purchase as the OST, if not moreso. Ultimately, this soundtrack is forgettable in the grand scheme of "Tales" soundtracks. But there are a few worthwhile songs, and if you enjoyed the game itself, you may find yourself inclined to purchase this album.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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