Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side OGS

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Catalog Number: KMCA-166/7
Released On: August 7, 2002
Composed By: Daisuke Minamizawa, Ken Suzuki, Hidekazu Hoshino, Kazuhiko Maeda, Hiroaki Tanizaki, Studio Cliche, Gaku Hirose, Sleeping Bamboo, Noboru Iwata, Pietro Mascagni, John Philip Sousa, Junzo Yagami, CUBE, Takeshi Masatani
Arranged By: Junzo Yagami, Ken Suzuki, Hiroyuki Kouzu, Studio Cliche, Sleeping Bamboo, Noboru Iwata, Daisuke Minamizawa
Published By: Konami Music Entertainment
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 2 CDs

Disc One
01 - User Entry Screen BGM
02 - Prologue
03 - Kei Hazuki Character Theme Fundamental/First Apperance Version
04 - Kei Hazuki Character Theme Cheerful Arrange
05 - Kei Hazuki Character Theme Hard Arrange
06 - Kei Hazuki Character Theme Serious Arrange
07 - Kei Hazuki Character Theme Heartwarming Arrange
08 - Kei Hazuki Character Theme Cool Arrange
09 - Kei Hazuki Character Theme Bright Arrange
10 - Kei Hazuki Love Confession BGM
11 - Madoka Kijoh Character Theme Fundamental
12 - Madoka Kijoh Character Theme Sad Arrange
13 - Madoka Kijoh Character Theme Serious Arrange
14 - Madoka Kijoh Love Confession BGM
15 - Sakuya Morimura Character Theme Fundamental
16 - Sakuya Morimura Character Theme Heartwarming Arrange
17 - Sakuya Morimura Character Theme Sad Arrange
18 - Sakuya Morimura Character Theme Calm Arrange
19 - Sakuya Morimura Character Theme Serious Arrange
20 - Sakuya Morimura Character Theme Mystic Arrange
21 - Sakuya Morimura Love Confession BGM
22 - Shiki Mihara Character Theme Fundamental
23 - Shiki Mihara Character Theme Serious Arrange 1
24 - Shiki Mihara Character Theme Serious Arrange 2
25 - Shiki Mihara Character Theme Calm Arrange
26 - Shiki Mihara Love Confession BGM
27 - Kazuma Suzuka Character Theme Fundamental
28 - Kazuma Suzuka Character Theme Serious Arrange
29 - Kazuma Suzuka Character Love Confession BGM
30 - Wataru Hibiya Character Theme Fundamental
31 - Wataru Hibiya Character Theme Calm Arrange 1
32 - Wataru Hibiya Character Theme Calm Arrange 2
33 - Wataru Hibiya Love Confession BGM
34 - Chiharu Aoki Character Theme Fundamental
35 - Chiharu Aoki Character Theme Hopeful Arrange
36 - Chiharu Aoku Love Confession BGM
37 - Ikkaku Amanohashi Character Theme Fundamental
38 - Ikkaku Amanohashi Character Theme Adult Arrange
39 - Ikkaku Amanohashi Character Theme Age Difference Arrange
40 - Ikkaku Amanohashi Love Confesion BGM
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Reiichi Himuro Character Theme Fundamental
02 - Reiichi Himuro Character Theme Logical Arrange
03 - Reiichi Himuro Character Theme Volcanic Tremors Arrange
04 - Reiichi Himuro Setting Sun Arrange
05 - Reiichi Himuro Love Confession BGM
06 - Natsumi Fujii Character Theme Fundamental
07 - Natsumi Fujii Character Theme Friends Arrange
08 - Shiho Arisawa Character Theme Fundamental
09 - Shiho Arisawa Character Theme Bright Arrange
10 - Shiho Arisawa Character Theme Calm Arrange
11 - Mizuki Sudo Character Theme Fundamental
12 - Mizuki Sudo Character Theme Letter Writing Arrange
13 - Garrison Ito Character Theme Fundamental
14 - Tamami Konno Character Theme Fundamental
15 - Tamami Konno Character Theme Strong Arrange
16 - Goro Hanatsubaki Character Theme
17 - Jin Shinonome Character Theme Fundamental
18 - Culture Festival Play <Sakuya Morimura Story>
19 - Culture Festival Play <Kei Hazuki Story>
20 - Culture Festival Play <Shiki Mihara Story>
21 - Culture Festival Play <Madoka Kijoh Story>
22 - Culture Festival Play <Kazuma Suzuka Story>
23 - Culture Festival Play <Wataru Hibiya Story>
24 - Culture Festival Play <Reiichi Himuro Story>
25 - Culture Festival Play <Ikkaku Amanohashi Story>
26 - Ikkaku Amanohashi Classical Appreciation Date Event "Cavallieria Rusticana"
27 - Athletic Festival - School Gate BGM ~ El Capitan
28 - Athletic Festival - Folk Dance BGM ~ Korobushka
29 - Game Center - Game Cleared BGM
30 - Game Center - Prize Game BGM
31 - Field Trip Pillow Fight Mini-Game: Explanation
32 - Field Trip Pillow Fight Mini-Game: Playing Game
33 - Field Trip Pillow Fight Mini-Game: Victory!
34 - Wataru Hibiya Karaoke Date "The Next Song is Hibiya's Too"
35 - Karaoke Box BGM "Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So of Love"
36 - Karaoke Box BGM "Angel of the Wilderness"
37 - Boutique BGM "Give me your tenderness ~ Like A Whisper"
38 - Boutique BGM "Hydrangea"
39 - My Favorite Place BGM "Endless Night of Excitement"
40 - Church BGM "Transparent Lights"
41 - Matriculation Ceremony BGM
42 - Weekday Command <Spring> Rebirth with MIDI
43 - Weekday Command <Summer> Rebirth with MIDI
44 - Weekday Command <Summer Break> Rebirth with MIDI
45 - Weekday Command <Autumn> Rebirth with MIDI
46 - Weekday Command <Winter> Rebirth with MIDI
47 - Weekday Command <Winter Break> Rebirth with MIDI
48 - Weekday Command <Spring Break> Rebirth with MIDI
49 - Graduation Ceremony BGM
Total Time:

Far be it from the Japanese game developers of the world to discriminate. Stereotype, yes. Definitely. But not discriminate. That's why "girl" versions of popular dating sims exist. Most dating sims have a target market of males (either young males or creepy old males!). And the objections of affection will be female (unless it's a Yaoi title).

Tokimeki Memorial may have been one of the first truly popular console-based dating sim. But it took them a bit to hop on the "Girl's Side" movement. These games have girls as the target market, with young men being the objects of affection in-game. Of course, a guy could play it too. I have no interest in doing so, even if it were localized (and I think the chances of that are 1% of the chances of a regular Tokimeki coming to the US - In other words, about as close to zero as I know how to get).

But even if I'll never ever play Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side, I'm sure I can enjoy the music. It's Konami's sound team. They usually have good stuff, and the Tokimemo music is always cheerful and catchy. What do I have to lose?

Technically, about two hours. But I think it was time well spent.

Studying the tracklist, one might think "oh gosh, this is going to be awful." Variation on a theme for 75% of your album? It's the same basic melody applied to different tempos and musical genres. Much to my surprise, the character themes are radically changed from one track to the next. If they were not labeled as themes for the same character in different emotional states, I would have not recognized their cohesion through the music alone. At least, not always.

Generally, the "main" themes and the Love Confession BGM are where you'll find the most meat for these hunky guys' lietmotifs. The other versions are typically shorter (under a minute), though main character Kei Hazuki gets special treatment: all versions of his songs are well above the minute mark.

My inclination regarding this soundtrack is that it was all done on a pretty run-of-the-mill standard keyboard with MIDI output. The sound quality is nothing impressive, nothing near realistic. Some of the music feels like the "demo" or "sample" music you'd find on a full-sized keyboard. That's not to knock those lovely, license-free pieces of music one can find programmed into a keyboard at Wal-Mart. But I have come to expect more from Konami.

The few exceptions to the rule are found on disc 2. There are some vocal tracks (the "BGM" tracks35 through 39), and the Weekday tracks "with MIDI" sound even more high quality than the rest of this MIDI-based soundtrack.

Though it is probably the least inspirational of all the Tokimeki OSTs I've heard, it may appeal to two groups of people. First, gamers who have actually played this game and built connections with the male love interests may enjoy hearing their character themes again. Second, die-hard Konami (or Tokimeki) music fans may want the music as a sort of artifact. Me? I don't really want this album in my collection anymore. It has nothing to do with any kind of security (or insecurity) with my masculinity. Despite having decent composition, the anemic sound quality killed the experience for me.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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