Tokimeki Memorial 2 OGS vol. 1
Catalog Number: KMCA-34/5
Released On: December 3, 1999
Composed By: Metal Yuhki, Atsushi Sato, Nories M., Hana Hashikawa, Sayaka Yamaoka, Claude Debussy, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach, F.W. Mitchum, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Riccardo Drigo, SPEACH, TM Recreation, Ken Yatsuhashi, Gioachino Rossini, Jacques Offenbach
Arranged By: Motoyoshi Iwasaki, SPEACH, TM Recreation, Ryo Yonemitsu
Published By: Konami Music Entertainment
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 2 CDs

Disc One
01 - Do You Remember? ~ The Bell of Legend
02 - The God of Bravery (Game Version)
03 - Hikari's Theme "Rhumba Version" ~ Name Input/Config Screen
04 - The Afternoon of My Childhood (Debussy: Golliwog's Cakewalk, from Children's Corner)
05 - The Evening of My Childhood (Chopin: Etude "Chanson De L'Adieu")
06 - The Night of My Childhood (Mozart: Variations on Ah, Vous Dirais-Je Maman)
07 - Bye-bye, Hikari ~ Moving Away in Childhood
08 - Meeting That Girl Again! ~ Matriculation Ceremony, Hikari Eyecatch
09 - Rendez-vous Solfege ~ Spring
10 - Flower Bud Andante ~ Spring
11 - South Town Guitarist ~ Summer
12 - Sunbeam Waltz ~ Summer Vacation
13 - Autumn Wind and Autumn Colors ~ Autumn
14 - Withered Trees Arpeggio ~ Winter
15 - Hearth Lullaby ~ Winter Vacation
Character Themes
16 - Dive into Midsummer ~ Hikari Hinomoto Theme
17 - Going Without Makeup ~ Kasumi Aso Theme
18 - I Can't Tell You I Like You ~ Kotoko Minatsuki Theme
19 - The President's Explosive Kick! ~ Homura Akai Theme
20 - A Story of Tomorrow's Country ~ Miho Shirayuki Theme
21 - The Most Electric Girl in the World ~ Mei Ijuuin Theme
Date Scenes
22 - Art Gallery Glass Exhibition (Bach: Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring)
23 - Shinto Shrine Fair (Japanese Court Music: Kandabayashi)
24 - Homura Akai ~ Pounding the Festival Taiko
25 - Flowers Blooming in the Night Sky ~ Viewing Fireworks
26 - Add'Ventures ~ Seawater Bath
27 - Let's Eat Sweet Things (Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No. 5, 1st Mov't)
28 - AOSIS ~ Outside the Karaoke Box Store
29 - K.T. Dance ~ Inside the Karaoke Box Store
Amusement Park Medley
30 - Outdoors Amusement Park (F.W. Mitchum: American Patrol)
31 - Merry-Go-Round (Tchaikovsky: Waltz of the Flowers, from The Nutcracker)
32 - Fortune Teller
33 - Virtual Hazard
34 - Night Parade
35 - The Amusement Park Closes (Scottish Traditional: Annie Laurie)
Shopping Medley
36 - Shopping Center (Drigo: Drigo's Serenade)
37 - Boutique (Haydn: Serenade Op.3 No.5)
38 - Fancy Shop (Mozart: The Magic Bell, from The Magic Flute)
Her Birthday
39 - My Departure ~ At Home Scene (Hikari)
40 - Hot Sigh ~ At Home Scene (Akane)
Total Time:

Disc Two
First Premonition
01 - Returning to Hibiki Town
Special Event
02 - Let's Play Again Tomorrow!
03 - The Girl of My Dreams
04 - Super Soldier Dragon!
05 - Confrontation! The High School Gate
06 - Confusion of the Heart
07 - Dream of the Future
08 - I've Been Entrusted!?
09 - Idling in Class
10 - Panic!
11 - Panic Abates
Her Birthday
12 - At Home Scene (Mei) - (Mozart: from Divertimento in E-flat Major, K.563)
13 - I Love Robot Anime! ~ At Home Scene (Homura)
Culture Festival Medley
14 - Before the Main Gate (Tchaikovsky: Dance of the Russians, from The Nutcracker)
15 - Tea Ceremony Dept. (Ken Yatsuhashi: Rokudan no shirabe)
16 - My Departure (Inst. Version) ~ Acessories Shop
17 - Planetarium (Debussy: Prelude a L'Apres-Midi d'un Faun)
18 - Fortune Teller (Classic Arabian Song: Pasta)
19 - Science Dept. ~ The Autonomous Robot HR-4 Appears
20 - Science Dept. ~ The Autonomous Robot HR-4 Runs Amok
21 - Sudden, Miraculous Princess ~ Class Play
Electronic Brain Dept. ~ Spaceling Fighter (X68k/OPM + ADPCM)
22 - Title
23 - Stage & Boss Battle
24 - Game Clear Jingle
25 - Game Over Jingle
26 - Ending
27 - Name Entry
Drama Club
28 - Cinderella 1 (Rossini: La Cenerentola Overture)
29 - Cinderella 2 (Offenbach: Heaven and Hell)
30 - Cinderella 3 (Rossini: I Swear I'll Find You)
31 - Wolf Family ~ Drama Club (First Year)
Wind Ensemble Performance
32 - Handel: Overture, from Music for the Royal Fireworks
33 - Tokimemo Swing
Delinquent Fight Medley
34 - Fighting with the Town Delinquents
35 - Delinquent Fight - Victory Jingle
36 - Delinquent Fight - Defeat Jingle
37 - Sunflowers ~ Bad Ending
38 - Meeting With You ~ Happy Ending (Instrumental)
Total Time:

One of the best terms I learned in grade-school math was "least common denominator." That the term can be used outside the realm of numbers makes it that much more special.

Why am I talking about denominators? Well, Tokimeki Memorial is known for having way too much content produced for it. There are only four games in the main series to date, as well as over a dozen sidestory games. But there are hundreds of CDs for the series: instrumental arrangements, vocal arrangements, drama CDs, more drama CDs, combinations of the above three in one CD, and of course, there are original soundtracks as well.

For Tokimeki Memorial, the OST is the "least common denominator" of all the available music.

And as I listen to the Tokimeki Memorial 2 OST, music for a decade-old PS1 title, I can't help but sit here and identify as I listen to the music, what it is, or what it would be on the appropriate album. Of course, all the instrumental character themes have vocal versions absent here but present on the five (and more!) vocal collections. That soft instrumental piece? Oh, that'll be on a piano collection for sure. And that guitar-heavy synth track that only runs one minute in length on the OST? One of the "Music Collection" albums is sure to have an awesome five minute rock band recording of that piece. Three cheers to the Kukeiha Club.

Thus, a study of the Tokimeki Memorial 2 OST is about the only option I have. I cannot bring myself to enjoy the music on face value. It all sounds like a blueprint of better things to come. And I know they're already out there. I just haven't gone after them yet.

Now, let's for the sake of this review pretend that those other albums didn't exist. This was the end of the line for this music. What would I think of it then? I'd call it an average performance for Konami. Maybe a little below average, depending on where you put the bar. Comparing this to peers such as Suikoden II and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, the Tokimeki Memorial 2 soundtrack just doesn't compare. Any day of the week, I'd rather be listening to other Konami PS1 music than this. Then again, if I compare this to Vandal Hearts (another Konami PS1 title), I think this beats Vandal Hearts. So... yeah, average. I'd say that's fair. There are also some tracks on here that more than likely aren't arranged anywhere else, including the classical music worked into the OST. I really like those, as they themselves could be interpreted as synth arrangements within an OST.

If you're looking to collect a large number of Tokimemo CDs (which is certainly a worthy set of music to collect, if you can afford it), then you'll want this album. You'll want all the OSTs. They're the baseline, the "least common denominator," from which to start. It helps you to take in the music as it appeared in-game and then compare to the superior arrangements out there. It's a very pleasant experience, as I discovered with the first Tokimemo so long ago. I am only now bravely stepping into the realm of the sequels. But if you think, "I'd like to check out Tokimemo, maybe I should start with the OST..." No, no no no. Don't do that. Start with a vocal album and an instrumental arranged album of your choosing. Listen to those, and if you're impressed, keep going. Konami Kukeiha Club, the dozens of musicians that make up this group, they know how to make great music, and there are some surprising gems in the world of Tokimeki music.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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