Tokimeki Memorial 2 OGS vol. 2

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Catalog Number: KMCA-36/7
Released On: December 3, 1999
Composed By: Metal Yuhki, Atsushi Sato, Nories M., Hana Hashikawa, Sayaka Yamaoka, Edvard Grieg, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Johann Sebastian Bach, Camille Saint-Saëns, Lili'uokalani, Claude Debussy, James S. Pierpont, Franz Gruber, Franz Schubert, Léo Delibes, Joseph Winner, Julius Fučík, Juventino Rosas, Ludwig van Beethoven, Joseph Strauss, Edward Elgar, Gustav Holst, E.E. McCoy, Johann Strauss II, Richard Wagner
Arranged By: Motoyoshi Iwasaki, Metal Yuhki, Ryo Yonemitsu
Published By: Konami Music Entertainment
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 2 CDs

Disc One
01 - Do You Remember? ~ The Bell of Legend
02 - The God of Bravery (Game Version)
Character Themes
03 - Waiting Impatiently for Spring ~ Kaori Yae Theme "1st Movement"
04 - Waiting Impatiently for Spring ~ Kaori Yae Theme "2nd Movement" ~ Flow of Thawed Snow
05 - State of Unhappiness ~ Miyuki Kotobuki Theme
06 - Street of Sunset Colors and Pure Hearts ~ Akane Ichimonji Theme
07 - Never Mind! ~ Fuko Sakura Theme
08 - Pierrot's Feelings ~ Sumire Nozaki Theme
09 - Delivery Love ~ Maika Kudanshita Theme
10 - A Casual Love Affair ~ Takumi Sakaki Theme
11 - Let's Start in Youth ~ Junichiro Hogari Theme
Date Scenes
12 - Inside the Botanical Garden (Grieg: Morning, from Peer Gynt Suite No.1)
13 - Art Museum (Tschaikovsky: Andante Cantabile)
14 - Art Museum/Sculpture Exhibit (Bach: Solo Cello Suite No.1)
15 - In Front of the Zoo/Daytime (Saint-Saëns: Finale, from Carnival of the Animals)
16 - Do You Like Little Animals? ~ Inside the Zoo
17 - In Front of the Zoo/Evening (Saint-Saëns: The Swan, from Carnival of the Animals)
18 - Viewing Platform (Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto)
19 - Mascot Catcher ~ In Front of the Game Center
20 - Gloy ~ Inside the Bowling Alley
21 - Pool (Lili'uokalani: Aloha Oe)
22 - Aquarium (Debussy: Arabesque No.1)
Christmas ~ Winter Season Medley
23 - Shopping Center/X'mas (Pierpont: Jingle Bells)
24 - Boutique/X'mas (Gruber: Silent Night)
25 - Fancy Shop/X'mas (Hymn: Joy to the World)
26 - Viewing Platform/X'mas (Schubert: Ave Maria)
27 - Live Music at the Restaurant (Hymn: Momi no ki)
28 - Ijuuin Family X'mas Party
29 - Skating Rink (Delibes: Swanilda's Waltz, from Coppelia)
30 - Snow Heaven ~ Ski Slope
31 - At Home on New Year's Day Scene (Protagonist) (Japanese Court Music: The Lion's Dance, from Kandabayashi)
32 - First Temple Visit (Traditional Song: Hyoujo ~ Etenraku)
33 - Aquarium Penguin Show (Winner: Little Brown Jug)
34 - Outside the Circus Tent (Fučík: Thunder and Blazes)
35 - Viewing the Trapeze (Rosas: Sobre Las Olas)
36 - Chasing Clouds ~ Sumire Nozaki/Theater Song
37 - Sunflowers ~ Bad Ending (Instrumental)
Total Time:

Disc Two
Special Event
01 - Memories of Childhood
02 - True Feelings
03 - Cycling Go Go
04 - A Sudden Parting
05 - Inexpressible Anguish
06 - Sweet Times
07 - A Joyful Moment
08 - Happy Times
09 - Beach Queen
10 - A Premonition of Confrontation
Fighting the Juvenile Leader Medley
11 - Fighting the Juvenile Leader
12 - Juvenile Leader Fight - Victory Jingle
13 - Juvenile Leader Fight - Defeat Jingle
Athletic Festival Medley
14 - Before the Match
15 - Explanation
16 - During the Match
17 - Best Ranking Jingle
18 - Middle Ranking Jingle
19 - Lowest Ranking Jingle
Three-Legged Race
20 - Explanation (Beethoven: Turkish March)
21 - During the Match (Joseph Strauss: Chatterbox Polka)
22 - Best Ranking Jingle
23 - Middle Ranking Jingle
24 - Lowest Ranking Jingle
25 - Lunch Break (Elgar: Salut d'Amour)
Playing Botaoshi
26 - Explanation (Civil War Traditional: When Johnny Comes Marching Home)
27 - Tactical Deployment (Beethoven: Wellington's Victory)
28 - During the Match (Holst: Mars, from The Planets)
29 - Victory Jingle
30 - Tie Game Jingle
31 - Defeat Jingle
Equestrian Battle
32 - Explanation
33 - Tactical Deployment
34 - During the Match
35 - Victory Jingle
36 - Tie Game Jingle
37 - Defeat Jingle
38 - After the Festival Ends (Negro Spiritual: The Road Home)
39 - Baseball Club-Ballet Club/Club Practice Match & National Tournament (E.E. McCoy: Lights Out)
40 - Tennis Club-Shore Club/Club Practice Match & National Tournament (Johann Strauss II: Tritsch Tratsch Polka)
41 - Kendo Club/Club Practice Match & National Tournament (Wagner: Tannhauser)
Summer Boarding House
42 - Where's Your Sense? ~ Peeping Scene (Lucky!)
43 - Reap What You Sow ~ Peeping Scene (Ouch!)
Melting Point
44 - Title
45 - Stage
46 - Boss Battle
47 - Game Clear Jingle
48 - Game Over Jingle
49 - Ending
50 - Name Entry
Ending Event
51 - Graduation Ceremony
52 - Love Confession
53 - Love Confession ~ At the Glimmering High School
54 - Reflection ~ At the Glimmering High School
55 - Meeting You ~ Happy Ending
Total Time:

Tokimeki can't be contained in a mere two discs. It takes at least four, right? Well, looking at a full discography, it takes hundreds of compact discs to contain all the audio produced for this series. It's so overwhelming.

Just looking at a "Volume 2" of one OST for one entry in the series makes the task of collecting and digesting all Tokimemo music seem ridiculous. And anyone who would get that into the music, particularly when they haven't even played the games (as none of them haev been localized), may come off as obnoxious. But that wouldn't be the first time for me, so I'm boldly and foolishly pressing forward. Let's take a look at the second half of the Tokimeki Memorial 2 soundtrack.

I mentioned in my review of this soundtrack's first volume that taking a look at any Tokimeki OST will, by definition, mean that you're looking at the "lowest common denominator" of the music. That same sentiment applies, though with one caveat: there's a lot of traditional/classical music being arranged for VGM here. Even more than in Volume 1. Even more than in the first Tokimeki Memorial game. So that's definitely something to take into consideration.

Let's just start with a note about all the classical music. It's weird to see this adoption, and adaptation, of such highly-rated Western music in a Japanese dating sim. Yet, it works. It works really well, I dare say. Even the Christmas songs: Jingle Bells and Silent Night, they have a refined sound for the PS1. I know I sound crazy, but I mean it. The Saint-Saens, Debussy, even the Bach stuff, all sounds great as well. Few games do this, at least to the extent that Tokimeki Memorial does it. And I have to admit that I enjoy it.

"Combat with the Gang Leader," one of the game's few battle themes, sounds strikingly similar to the Final Fantasy VIII battle theme at times. I wouldn't call it plagiarism, but then the accompanying victory theme even uses a variation of the Final Fantasy victory jingle. Coincidence? I think not. And then, the defeat jingle? It uses a variation of the Final Fantasy prelude (arpeggiated chords with the 2nd/9th added), but with an emphasis on the minor key. I really wonder how Square didn't take issue with this. It isn't straight plagiarism, but it sure as heck is on the borderline. And while I understand the concept of choosing to parody FF when doing a traditional RPG battle, Konami has so much music within its own body of work, why not parody Suikoden instead?

A large portion of disc two is a jingles / music effects collection. That's why there are so many tracks: half of them run under a minute in length, some under 20 seconds.

Because of the spread out nature of the tracks, it's hard to find the good stuff. I recommend the in-game vocal tracks, particularly at the beginning of the first disc and end of the second disc. I also liked some of the original instrumental character and event themes. The tracks sampled are a good start. If you're going to start looking into Tokimeki soundtracks, and you want to get specifically into Tokimeki Memorial 2, you should get this as a counterpart to a purchase of Original Game Soundtrack Volume 1. Everyone else, just take note of the weird Final Fantasy oddity, as well as all the classical music, and enjoy the audio samples!

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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