Tokimeki Memorial 3 ~At That Promised Place~ OST

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Catalog Number: KMCA-137/8
Released On: January 10, 2002
Composed By: Shoichiro Hirata, Akihito Tokunaga, Aika Ono
Arranged By: N/A
Published By: Konami Music Entertainment
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 2 CDs

Disc One
01 - Title / Seven Rainbow
02 - Name Entry
03 - Option / Seven Rainbow
04 - Omake
05 - Time of the Dance of Falling Cherry Blossoms
06 - At the Hill of Legend
07 - Spring Has Come
08 - I Wonder if it Will Stop Raining Soon
09 - Mid Summer Affair
10 - On the Avenue
11 - Diamond Dust
12 - Potato Chips at the Kotatsu
13 - Gentle Breeze
14 - Why's it Like That? / Seven Rainbow
15 - Athletics Event Theme
16 - Midterm ~ Can You Do It?
17 - Is it Okay to Hold Hands? (Nervous)
18 - Culture Festival Theme
19 - Everyone, Let's Go!
20 - Night View / Seven Rainbow
21 - It's a X'mas!!
22 - Sweetest X'mas
23 - The One Year Plan...
24 - Bargaining Skill
25 - Waiting at the Cafe
26 - Ultra-Positive!!
27 - Love's Password
28 - Magnificent Heroine
29 - Graceful Time
30 - Light and Shadow
31 - Earnestly, Positively
32 - Rallentando
33 - Violent Flamenco
34 - A Flannel Shirt, Paper Bag, and Me
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Excuse Me, Grandmother
02 - The Shining Days
03 - A Sudden Sadness / Seven Rainbow
04 - Golden Scenery / Seven Rainbow
05 - Today Nobody Is Inside...
06 - Surely Someday / Seven Rainbow
07 - Looking for You
08 - Feel Relieved for the Moment
09 - Hey Hey, How About Showing Me?
10 - W-Watch Out!!
11 - It was a Secret, but...
12 - It's Good, Mikke
13 - Fanfare
14 - Combine!! And Fire!!
15 - My True Feeling
16 - The Color of a Rose...
17 - No Way!
18 - I Can Grow Gentler
19 - A Sacred Area
20 - Love is Eternal
21 - A Clear Sky
22 - What Should I Say...
23 - I Think We're Going to Break Up
24 - Slowly...
25 - Damn, This is Bad!
26 - Gentle Sea Breeze
27 - Impatience
28 - Desperate Struggle with an Evil Spirit
29 - Higher & Higher
30 - The Unknown Truth
31 - Good Pan, Huh?
32 - What's the Best Thing To Do...?
33 - It's Not So Lonely
34 - Twilight
35 - Something Unforgettable
36 - Soft Light
37 - I Can't Forget You...
38 - Confession / Hero
39 - Fund Roll / Seven Rainbow
Total Time:

Tokimeki Memorial is the most prolific, popular, and definitive dating simulation video game series in Japan. The difference between a dating sim and a love adventure is that a love adventure is merely a Choose Your Own Adventure story whereas a dating sim is more stat driven, very much like an RPG. Instead of fighting battles to increase one's stats, dating sim players will need to engage in social and academic activities typical of Japanese high school students in order to build the necessary character stats to woo a girl.

It is very difficult for me to think of a video game series that has as many sountracks as Tokimeki Memorial does. Memories Off is quite prolific as well, but even it comes in a distant second. With the sheer volume of Tokimeki Memorial soundtracks out there, music aficionados can find music that's awesome, music that's awful, and everything in between. It's very possible to find the entire spectrum in one soundtrack. Tokimeki Memorial 3's soundtrack certainly fits that bill. There are some excellent pieces, some that are just plain rotten, and a vast majority of contrived and mediocre pieces. The soundtrack consists of 73 tracks across two CDs, so the tracks themselves run no longer than two and a half minutes.

Stylistically, the synthesized music presented on this two-disc soundtrack attempts to utilize a variety of styles, but is ultimately bland save for a few standout tracks. Most of the pieces are the standard synth-pop fare found in most dating sims and love adventures. The more interesting ones utilized different styles of music such as flamenco, but still seemed plain vanilla. The more whimsical tracks either sound noncommital or cartoonishly exaggerated.

But there are shining points in this otherwise mediocre soundtrack. Disc 2 actually has some very good tracks. Disc 1 is an absolute disappointment and, in my opinion, a waste in comparison. Tracks 3, 4, 15, 26, 28, and 29 in disc 2 are the best of the lot. These pieces are dynamic, emotional, and/or just plain cool. Track 28 could be a solid boss theme in an RPG.

Despite the handful of good tracks, the soundtrack still gets a thumbs down from me. I found it rather boring and contrived. I also felt that the mixing was not done well. The soundtrack as a whole sounded way too trebley and that sometimes led to peaky and harsh sonic textures. Some deeper bass and heftier low mids would have balanced the sound out nicely. I still have yet to be fully impressed by a Tokimeki Memorial soundtrack. If other Tokimeki Memorial soundtracks are on par with this one, then I honestly fail to see why Tokimeki Memorial music is so good that it deserves the sheer volume of soundtracks that it has.

Reviewed by: Neal Chandran