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Catalog Number: TYCY-5626
Released On: November 18, 1998
Composed By: Takashi Nitta, Naoyuki Horikou (19)
Arranged By: Takashi Nitta, Naoyuki Horikou (19)
Published By: Toshiba-EMI/Future Land
Recorded At: Studio TERRA
Format: 1 CD

01 - City of Wind Chanting and Flowing Water
02 - Speech
03 - Night Stroll
04 - Spring Dawn Chant
05 - Heretics
06 - Pleasure City
07 - Moonlight Curse
08 - Priest Rashou
09 - Dog Hunting Chant
10 - Spiral
11 - Shura Path ~ Yin Chapter
12 - Distant Bonfire
13 - Evening Sakura Outing
14 - Dusk Chant
15 - Imperial Butterfly
16 - Garden of Impermanence
17 - Summer Dawn Chant
18 - Bodhisattva
19 - Universal Eulogy
20 - Fall Dawn Chant
21 - Flower Dance
22 - Shura Path ~ Yang Chapter
23 - Winter Dawn Chant
24 - Dance of Grace
25 - Song of Tragic Love
26 - Demon Vessel
27 - Shura Path ~ Evil Chapter
28 - City of Wind Chanting and Flowing Water ~ Epilogue
29 - Sakura Melody
Total Time:

Tokyo Majin Gakuen ("Tokyo Demon High School") got its start as a series in 1998 on the Sony PlayStation. The original game, for which this soundtrack was printed, received one remake, one direct sequel, and a whole onslaught of "cousin" games (including Tenshou Gakuen, Kowloon Youma Gakuen, Kamiyo Gakuen). Developer "Shout! Designworks" has switched up a number of key staff from one iteration of their graphic adventure/RPG hybrid series to the next, including composers. The original composer, Takashi Nitta, is a master of synth pop and jazz, occasionally rivaling Shin Megami Tensei composers Tsukasa Masuko and Shoji Meguro.

I already reviewed an extended (two-disc) version of this soundtrack, published by MOVIC in 2000. This is the original print from Toshiba-EMI, released in 1998, and due to its lack of content (relative to what else is out there), I would argue that its value today exists primarily as that of a collector's item. It has some enhanced CD features (pictures, movies), and it has its own set of unique packaging. But as for the actual musical content, everything on here and much more exists on the "Jin no Shou" two-disc release.

But if, for some strange reason, you find yourself able to pick up this album instead of the 2000 print (which I suppose could happen, since both albums are out of print), you may still want to get this album, if only because Nitta's music is so good. The audio samples speak for themselves, and if you need further guidance, the review of Jin no Shou applies fairly well. Most of the memorable pieces found on Jin no Shou originated here, on this album, so it's not like you're getting the filler. Indeed, you're probably getting the best of the best on this particular disc.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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