Tokyo Mono Hara Shi Karasunomori Gakuen Kitan Gakusou
Catalog Number: FCCT-0127
Released On: May 26, 2010
Composed By: Kenichi Tsuchiya, Atsushi Kitajoh
Arranged By: N/A
Published By: Frontier Works
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 2 CDs
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Disc One
01 - Hanafuda Hand - Storm
02 - Trump Card
03 - The Cuckoo's First Chirp Dissipates in Haze
04 - Offering Dance - Fuji Panorama
05 - Festival Band - Melody of the Venue of the Clarification
06 - The Footwear Dances in the Garden of Hopping Nightingales
07 - Laughter Even If the Sixteenth Dance Reaches the Heavens
08 - Hanafuda Hand - Sake While Viewing the Flowers
09 - Hanafuda Hand - Bottom of the Well
10 - Offering Dance - Millennial Sightscape
11 - Festival Band - Melody of the Newborn Adaptation
12 - Offering Dance - Currents of Nishikikawa
13 - The Evening Falls While Admiring the Clear Skies
14 - The Distant Bell Tolls With the Spring Breeze
15 - Intertwined Destinies
16 - The Twilight Clouds that the Wild Goose Traverses
17 - Offering Dance - Peony Expanse
18 - Festival Band - Melody of the Way of the Metaphors
19 - Offering Dance - Capital of Two Seasons
20 - The Millennium Shivering With Somber Feelings
21 - Offering Dance - Pattern Weave
22 - Offering Dance - Specter of Wilderness
23 - The Stray Goose Lodging Too Grows Dark
24 - Feast of the Usurper
25 - Come on! HERO!
26 - The Exceedingly Dreadful Shadow of the Unforeseen Move
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Offering Dance - Leaf Evanescence
02 - Festival Band - Melody of the Enquiry to the Sun
03 - Offering Dance - Turbulent Vision
04 - The Ideas that Are Diverted by the Deer's Sounds
05 - Autumn Deepens as the Meandering Streams Splash
06 - Spice High!
07 - The Echoes Heard that the Party Resonates
08 - Offering Dance - Were I To Be Famous
09 - Festival Band - Melody of the Fulfillment of the Miracle
10 - Offering Dance - Mist
11 - Offering Dance - Wind Awaiter
12 - Song of Invitation that the Butterfly Recites
13 - Hanafuda Hand - Sake While Viewing the Moon
14 - The Swallow Gradually Obscures the Back
15 - Offering Dance - Return of Crows
16 - The Lord's Name that the Bush Warbler Echoes
17 - The Phoenix's Sound Inquires My Name
18 - Festival Band - Melody of the Arrival of the Philosopher
19 - Festival Band - Melody of the Truth of the Universe
20 - Song of Invitation
21 - Hanafuda Hand - Crow
22 - Trump Card (full size)
23 - Song of Invitation (full size)
Total Time:

Note: an "official" translation of the game (and soundtrack's) full title does not yet exist. If one were to try, the soundtrack title would come out something like this: "Tokyo Spirit Exorcist: The Crow's Sacred Forest High School Mystery - Musical Idea."

Here's a soundtrack that's both good at being consistent and consistent at being good. A double whammy of quality, if you will. Within specification and within control. I love it.

This is the two disc soundtrack for the latest entry in the "Tokyo Demon School" (Tokyo Majin Gakuen) series, which has been handled by a number of development studios and composers, though often published in Japan by Atlus (nothing in the series has come to America... yet).

This soundtrack is, in my mind, the best soundtrack to date in the long-running series. Though the Kowloon Treasure soundtracks (by Takashi Nitta) are quite memorable as well, I think Kenichi Tsuchiya (Persona 1 and 2 OSTs, other Atlus titles) out-classed his previous works here. Atsushi Kitajoh, the other composer, also has experience with Atlus (Growlanser VI, assistant composer on Persona 4). Anyone can, theoretically, merge musical genres by ethnicity or by modern style. But to do it well is another thing entirely. You want rock mixed with East Asian traditional music? You won't find it done much better than what you'll find here. It's like Chikayo Fukuda's work on .hack, but without the electronic influence that comes with a game set in an MMO.

I'm also pleased to report that the soundtrack is about as high a sound quality as you can expect from this generation. Sometimes, PSP titles will have audio compression that hurts the final track, or they'll write sequenced music because it runs smoother in the grand scheme. But here? It's perfect, crisp clear sound. Absolutely beautiful.

If the game itself is even close to matching the quality of the soundtrack, Atlus USA needs to bring this game to the US. It holds a great centralized theme in the form of East Asian ethnic music (shakuhachis and traditional percussion galore). It's real simple from there: if the audio samples tickle your fancy, know the whole two disc album will do the same. Good at consistency. Consistently good.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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