Tales of Symphonia OST
Catalog Number: SSCX-10105~8 (reprint KICA-1337~40)
Released On: October 1, 2003 (reprint October 27, 2004)
Composed By: Motoi Sakuraba, Shinji Tamura
Arranged By: Motoi Sakuraba, Shinji Tamura
Published By: DigiCube (reprint King Records)
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 4 CDs
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Memories of Sylvarant

Disc One
01 - Tales of Symphonia
02 - A Prologue
03 - Old Familiar Scent of Iselia
04 - Lloyd
05 - Collet
06 - Genius
07 - Refill
08 - Kratos
09 - Unsatisfied Desire
10 - Standing the Pain
11 - Overcome
12 - Dike, I'm Home
13 - Talk About Sylvarant
14 - The Land of Sylvarant
15 - Full Force
16 - Won the Battle
17 - Rest of the Heart
18 - Desert Flower
19 - The Struggle to Survive
20 - Rovers
21 - Along the Beach
22 - Harbor Town
23 - Town of a Wind and Ruins
24 - Untold Despair
25 - Water Symphony
26 - Water Symphony -despair-
27 - Have a Sweet Dream
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Romany Caravan
02 - Venturers' Colony
03 - Search a Seal ~Sylvarant~
04 - Escape From Enemy Base
05 - Lloyd ~ Ocarina Ver. ~
06 - Collet ~It is Sad~
07 - Refill -Relical Model-
08 - The Tower
09 - Confusion
10 - An Appearance
11 - Delightful Day
12 - Behind Us
13 - In the Ashes
14 - Deep Fear
15 - On the Very Edge!
16 - Off-Key
17 - Moonlight
18 - A Wood Carving Star
19 - Shining Dew
20 - The Grudge
21 - Fatalize
22 - On the Tight Rope
23 - New One World
24 - On the Hill the Night
25 - Floating in the Air
26 - Nobody Knows
Total Time:

Memories of Tethe Alla

Disc Three
01 - Far From Our World
02 - The Kingdom City of Meltokio
03 - Darkside of Meltokio
04 - A Selfish Want
05 - Tethe Alla Castle
06 - Presea
07 - Zelos
08 - Walking on Tethe Alla
09 - Like a Glint of Light
10 - Academic City
11 - Secret From the Blue Sky
12 - Regal
13 - Trip on the Ship
14 - shihna
15 - Shinobi Life
16 - Anchoret
17 - Underground Passage
18 - Dry Trail
19 - In a Shadowy Woods
20 - Deepest Woods
21 - Dance in the Sunshine
22 - A Snow Light
23 - Aviators ~Rhea-Bird~
24 - Rest of the Heart -Sanctuary-
25 - Serenade of Elves
26 - Forest of the Treant
27 - Firing
28 - A Break Down
29 - Zelos ~Serious Arrange~
30 - Mitos
31 - Encount with Renegade
32 - Eternal Oath
Total Time:

Disc Four
01 - Judgment of Mana
02 - Spirits Whispers
03 - Fun with Idol!
04 - Fighting of the Spirit
05 - Search a Seal ~Tethe Alla~
06 - The Law of the Battle
07 - The End of a Thought
08 - Keep Your Guard Up!
09 - Beat the Angel
10 - Edge of Nowhere
11 - A Sign
12 - Be Invoked
13 - Derris-Kharlan ~Appear~
14 - Derris-Kharlan ~Fear~
15 - Derris-Kharlan ~Shine~
16 - Derris-Kharlan ~Requiem~
17 - Keen-Edged Blade
18 - Last Battle ~Will~
19 - Last Battle ~Decision~
20 - Hidden Sorrow
21 - It Can Waver and Fight
22 - Final Destination
23 - Harmony
24 - Revival
25 - Ending Staff Roll
26 - Thank For All
Total Time:

The front cover of the King Records reprint.

Like many game developers, Namco jumped ship back in the mid-90s, leaving Nintendo and joining Sony. Tales of Phantasia, the first game in the Tales series (originally released on the Super Famicom), enjoyed a re-release on the PlayStation. Three other Tales games followed on Sony's systems: Destiny, Eternia, and Destiny2.

Tales of Symphonia is the first Tales game to head back to its roots...on the Nintendo GameCube.

Symphonia's soundtrack, like that of Destiny2, contains the standard number of songs for a Tales game (a little over 100)...but instead of fitting 50 tracks per disc on two disc, DigiCube chose to publish the OST (like they did with Destiny2) as four discs, giving each track its deserved "loop time", so you can enjoy the track to the fullest extent.

The Sakuraba/Tamura combo is back on for this game, and as you can tell by the samples, the music is standard Tales style. There are even some repeat tracks from previous Tales games (such as disc 3 track 26, "Forest of the Treant", which was originally a song from Tales of Phantasia). There are plenty of battle themes, town themes, dungeon themes, sorrow/sadness themes, inspirational melodies, world map music...everything you'd expect. This is truly a traditional RPG soundtrack.

Does it stand up to criticism? You can be the judge, what with 20 songs to sample. Personally, I'm a little disappointed with this OST. It's all good stuff, but lately I find myself growing more and more tired of Motoi Sakuraba. It's the same thing over and over.

I will say that, in rating discs, the first disc is terrible in comparison to the others. My favorite disc is disc 3...though 4 is good too. The "Tethe Alla" section, then, is by far better than the "Sylvarant" section.

I will note that I was especially pleased with the Staff Roll. I've heard plenty of Sakuraba's end credits / staff roll, and I think most of them are mediocre at best (Star Ocean II's "We Form in Crystals" was high quality). This staff roll is really, really good. I would ask that you at LEAST check out this Real Audio sample before you finish reading this review.

Another good track is disc 3 track 4, "A Selfish Want": it's jazzy. Very rarely, Sakuraba will do a little jazz number on an OST. I'm not usually impressed with these jazz pieces, but this one is quite good. Be sure to give it a listen.

For those unfamiliar with the Sakuraba style: expect a lot of powersynth, looped drums (with better-than-average fills), catchy melodies in natural minor scales, the occasional guitar and bass battle track, good piano pieces, and just...a lot of synth.

If you miss purchasing this OST, don't feel too bad about it. It's not the best thing in the world. But, of course, if you're a "Tales" collector, and you don't own this, shame on you: because it went out of print months after its release. With DigiCube's filing for bankruptcy, this OST was available for a very short time, and then it became "hard-to-find"...It's a solid OST, but there are hundreds of solid OSTs, and this OST sounds very "same old same old", leaving you with that bitter lackluster aftertaste that you never wanted.

Edit: after the time of this review's being originally written, King Records reprinted the OST alongside the Japanese release of the PS2 version of this game.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann


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