Tales of Vesperia OST

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Catalog Number: WPCL-10491~4
Released On: August 20, 2008
Composed By: Motoi Sakuraba, Hibiki Aoyama, Bonnie Pink, NBGI
Arranged By: Motoi Sakuraba, Hibiki Aoyama
Published By: Warner Music Japan
Recorded At: Warner Music Mastering
Format: 4 CDs
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Disc One
01 - The Dawn of Departure
02 - Trends of the World
03 - The Story Begins
04 - Omen
05 - Unfulfilled Feelings
06 - Graceful Moment
07 - A Young Man's Selfish Daily Life
08 - Unexpected Dangers
09 - The Battle Opens Fire
10 - Victory Cry
11 - Loyalty to the Sword and Armor
12 - Exposed Conspiracy
13 - The Situation Wriggles Amply
14 - Madness
15 - Twisted Sword Light
16 - Uninvited Circumstances
17 - Morning Star Serenade
18 - Comfortable Journey
19 - An Immovable Protective Wall
20 - Chaotic Remains of Fire
21 - Flickering Taboo
22 - Betting in this Bout
23 - Evening Requiem
24 - Pleasant Intrigue
25 - Miracle in the Flower Street
26 - Examinating the Flowers
27 - Magicians of the Shadow's Depths
28 - The Sorceress's Bad Mood
29 - Sorcery Weapon, A Millennia of Sleep
30 - Crossing the Small Hills
31 - Around the World
Total Time:

Disc Two
01 - Full of Unrest
02 - Bonds
03 - A Heart Excited by the Sound of Waves
04 - Ruins of Soaking Rain
05 - The Beautiful People's Progress and Harmony
06 - United Oath
07 - Peacefully at the Woodlands of Thick Grass
08 - Break Through! Gasphalost
09 - The Might of the Giant Fort
10 - The Severe Morning Star Departs
11 - Burn More, Fighting Spirit
12 - Flawless Victory!
13 - The Villains' Conspiracy and the Mechanical Tower
14 - Minor Ocean's Kick Up
15 - Tender Sunlight
16 - Nightmares Reflected in the Mirror
17 - Under the Warriors's Flag
18 - Malice Lurking in the Den
19 - The Seductive Water Sound's Whisper
20 - Yellow Sand Arabesque
21 - A Night when the Cactus Flower Blooms
22 - Strong Foes Blocking the Way
23 - Beyond the Mirage
24 - Duke
25 - Full Moon and Morning Star ~ from 'Ring a Bell'
26 - Wise one
27 - Tragic Decision
28 - An Immoral Banquet Softly
Total Time:

Disc Three
01 - The Forfeited Stormy Mountain
02 - Judith, Portrait of Solitude
03 - Fly, Cross Day and Night
04 - Brilliant Life, Raising Light
05 - The Old Folk Drift in the Sky
06 - Echoes of the Hollow Old Days
07 - The Pursued Holy Core
08 - Counting Months and Months
09 - Sea Pursuit
10 - Chance for a Big Reversal
11 - Explosive Progressing Menace
12 - Main Armament Firing, Seconds Before
13 - Omen of Destruction
14 - To Beyond the Devastating Aer
15 - Estelle's Despair
16 - Diamond Dust
17 - Ceremony of the Air (Deinnomoth)
18 - A Truth Hidden in the Shadows of the World
19 - Heart's Cry
20 - Source of the Gushing Out Silence
21 - The Severe Morning Star and the Full Moon Child
22 - The World Abducted by that Finger
23 - Cutting Off the Dark Ambitions
24 - Seal of Destruction
25 - Loss
26 - Yuri's Slump
27 - A Bath Heartly Welcome
28 - Playtime
29 - Playing with the Wind ~ from 'Kaze no Klonoa'
30 - Fight, Our Beraboh Man ~ from 'Chouzetsu Rinjin Beraboh Man'
31 - Shadows Driving Underground ~ from 'Metro Cross'
32 - Maybe I Could Do It
33 - Fly, Baul
34 - Serious Match!
35 - Labyrinth of a Faded Past
36 - Encounter with the Unknown
Total Time:

Disc Four
01 - The World Saviors' Determination
02 - Tenacity
03 - Mysterious Fallen Forest
04 - Indomitable Fighting Spirit
05 - Wind Roaring in the Ravine
06 - In Pathetic Silence
07 - Starting Up
08 - Those Who Lost Their Protection
09 - Echoing Breath
10 - Scattering Sparks
11 - Ruined Insignificance that Goes Through the Heavens
12 - Aim for the Top
13 - Unexchanged Feelings ~ from 'Ring a Bell'
14 - Hidden Power of the Ancient Tower City
15 - When Determination Strikes
16 - The Last Battle
17 - A Once-in-Lifetime Battle to Death
18 - Their Resolution ~ from 'Ring a Bell'
19 - Responding to the Voice
20 - Shaken Heart
21 - Tie the Echoing Voice's Power
22 - Soaring to a New World
23 - The Story Ends, The Travel Begins ~ from 'Ring a Bell'
Total Time:

With Tales of Vesperia, Motoi Sakuraba has composed his tenth soundtrack for the Tales series (though only half have made it to North America). His name is always associated with the series, so he is to Tales what Nobuo Uematsu is to Final Fantasy. He gets a little help from Hibiki Aoyama this time around, whose only work is on this soundtrack. One problem I have had with Sakuraba's work on the Tales series is that they always sound very much alike, and nothing is different here. That doesn't mean this soundtrack is bad though, as it is still largely great.

The soundtrack is a whopping 4 discs, so it has plenty of songs to choose from. There are hits and misses, but that will happen with so many soundtracks. The opening theme song is performed by popular Japanese songwriter and singer Bonnie Pink. It's quite catchy and a solid opening song, although I still prefer the opening theme song for Tales of the Abyss as my personal favorite. The first song on the disc, entitled "The Dawn of Departure" is exactly what you expect from a Tales title screen song. It sounds almost identical to the one in Tales of Symphonia. It's still a great song though, as the title screen song in Tales of Symphonia was fantastic.

One of my personal favorite songs on the soundtrack is "Time of Elegance." It fits the themes of the game really well and is also a very soothing song. Actually, most of the songs on the soundtrack are rather soothing to the ears. They are vastly driven by wind instruments, just like the rest of the series. Of course, you still have the pulse-pounding songs for the boss fights and dramatic points in the story. As expected, the battle songs are very upbeat to get you ready for the action, as they should be. They still sound very much like past songs in the series though. The world map song's name "Comfortable Journey" is actually a little ironic in that it sounds so much like previous world map songs from other Tales games that it makes it seem like Sakuraba was just going with what he was comfortable with.

It really irks me that the Tales Studio's philosophy on the series is just to redo the same concepts over and over again. I know people are going to say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," but people can only stand the same thing over and over again for so long. This series is getting stale, no matter how refined its concepts are. I'm actually tired of getting exactly what I expect each and every time. This is no different for the soundtrack. It's great at what it does, but I wouldn't mind a little change now that the first next-generation game is out of the way. If deciding on whether to buy this, I pose one question: Do you like previous Tales soundtracks and want more of it? If so, then this is a no brainer. Otherwise, have a listen to some of our samples to see if the style is what you are looking for. It's a good soundtrack, but one I feel like I have heard many times before.

Reviewed by: Josh Lewis


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